People Match Concepts
  • 15 Jun 2021
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People Match Concepts

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Because People Match is a radically new way to route and prioritize Customers, it introduces new concepts specific to People Match, while also incorporating some existing concepts in Gladly.


Inbox definition

  • Customers can only be matched with Agents in the Inbox they are in.


Set Channel Availability

  • Customers are only routed to Agents available in the Channel (Voice, Messaging, Mail + Tasks) they are in.


Set Agent Capacity

  • Capacity setting controls the maximum number of messaging Contacts Agents can handle at any one time.

Priority Tiers

Customers are routed in this priority: Voice > Messaging > Mail + Tasks.

  • Mail + Tasks are evaluated by their due date.
    • Tasks with a due date sooner than other Tasks are prioritized.
    • Mail is prioritized based on their People Match score.


To match a Customer to an Agent, it considers the availability of Agents in an Inbox, their capacity to handle more work, and which Customers in the Inbox are routable. Then, the routing engine looks at the Customer<>Agent pair with the highest score. As a fallback, Customers with the same score or no score will be prioritized based on their due date (as determined by the SLA).

Boost Size

A scale-based point system used to assign and compute a boost score total for a given scenario.

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