Welcome to Gladly
  • 21 Dec 2021
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Welcome to Gladly

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Great Customer experience is easy to identify, but hard to encapsulate. But we think there are a few key principles that underlie every great interaction:

It’s about people

When people contact your company, they want to have a natural discussion with an actual human being with their best interests at  . We’re all consumers, and we know that being treated like a person is always better than being treated like a case number. Gladly helps you keep your focus on the Customer, instead of digging around to find a case number.

A lifetime of Conversations

We believe that context is king. That’s why we provide visibility into all the previous conversations that a Customer has had with anyone at your company, so you have all the background you need to better help them. At the end of the day, your Customers won’t have to repeat themselves, and you can get to solving their issues faster.

Empowering Agents to be productive

We understand that speed and efficiency are key. From being able to pull up an in-line, searchable knowledge base we call Answers, to keyboard shortcuts that allow you to move faster, we’re always thinking of ways to help save you time and effort.

Measuring results

Goals are important. And meeting them? Even more so. With Gladly’s Reporting and Liveboards, supervisors have the metrics and insights they need to run a highly efficient, operational team.

The voice of the Customer

Gladly provides insights into trending topics so you can stay on top of the issues your Customers care about. Not only does this keep your team on top of macro issues, but it increases their visibility of them across the other areas of the business as well.

We’re excited to partner with you on this journey towards a better Customer experience. With this Guide, you’ll learn more about how to use Gladly, get some helpful tips and tricks, and have yourself a fallback of additional resources you can reference whenever you need help.

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