What is Gladly?
  • 25 Mar 2021
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What is Gladly?

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Gladly is a radically personal customer service platform. Unlike legacy Customer service platforms that are case centric, only Gladly is designed with people at the center and uniquely enables a single lifelong Customer Conversation from voice to modern messaging. Gladly powers some of the most innovative consumer companies like Crate&Barrel, Porsche, Ralph Lauren, and TUMI to deliver exceptional Customer experiences and make Customer service a competitive advantage. Gladly is a San Francisco-based company and founded in 2014.

What radically personal means

Radically personal is when heroes can communicate with their Customers like real people, and create memorable service experiences that create Customers for life. Radically personal is less of a definition and more of a feeling. That feeling Customers get when:

  • Your kid forgets his teddy bear on the plane, and it arrives safe and sound the next day;
  • Your flight’s been rebooked three times in a day, and the last thing you want to do is repeat yourself to another hero — but you get matched with a hero who knows you already;
  • You message, call, and text a brand — all in the same hour — and nothing’s lost along the way, and you don’t ever need to repeat yourself;
  • You hang up from a call feeling delight, not frustration;
  • The hotel asked if you have special requests, and you arrive to find them already taken care of just the way you asked;
  • You’re behind on holiday shopping, and no store has the elusive perfect gift, but the heroes provide the best alternative — in just the right size;
  • You treat your Customer service heroes like a friend, and you forget there was ever a problem to be solved.

Your Customers should feel like you know them and that they know you.

What Gladly does

Gladly is a Customer service platform that gives Customer service teams the ability to treat their Customers like actual people - from knowing their last purchase, their dress size, or even their child’s upcoming birthday all before ever saying hello. Built for the way people communicate today, a Customer and their history are never parted within Gladly, and all Conversations, across all Channels, are all contained under a single Conversation thread to give heroes the tools they need to deliver exceptional Customer service experiences.

Why Gladly exists

The way people communicate has changed. Today, consumers move seamlessly from one communication Channel to another, and they want to be known, understood, and engaged wherever they are from the brands they communicate with. Brands have the will, but not the way — because Customer service platforms have failed them for so long. Legacy platforms are stuck in the past, treating consumers as case numbers. They can’t adapt and have not kept up with the modern Customer. For brands to provide superior Customer service that creates value, an entirely new approach is required. It’s time to transform how modern consumer brands connect with their Customers — and it starts with a radically personal approach that builds meaningful relationships, puts Customers first, and drives revenue.

How Gladly Works

Gladly puts people at the center of service by highlighting their unique attributes and history with the brands they purchase from. With all the information about a Customer available in a single view, including previous Conversations, recent transactions, and even personal preferences, Customer service teams are empowered to deliver better Customer service that improves satisfaction and creates loyalty over time.

Companies Gladly Work With

We work with some of the most innovative brands in the world, helping them deliver a more powerful and personal experience for their Customers. Some of those Customers are Porsche, TUMI, JOANN, Godiva, and Native Shoes.

Visit Gladly.com to learn more!

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