Self-Guided Implementation Instructions
  • 15 Mar 2022
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Self-Guided Implementation Instructions

  • PDF

Once you've signed the Order Form (OF) and all the necessary agreements to implement Gladly, it's time to dive into the self-guided implementation process.

Before you start

Before you officially start implementing Gladly, we recommend you first review the following:

What to expect

The list below reflects what you are anticipated to configure, deploy and test. 

Begin self-guided implementation

The implementation guide in the Academy is an eight-part process designed to provide details, step by step instructions on implementing Gladly. Remember, you must already have access to Glady in order to complete the coming steps.

Tip - See the bullets for additional resources
Besides the Academy, we've bulleted below other resources to support the Academy content and configuration instructions.

Step 1

Log into the Academy and find the Self-Guided Gladly Implementation Guide.

Step 2

Review Part 1: Get Started With Implementing Gladly Guide. This contains basic information about access to Gladly, how to reset passwords, and important links to bookmark.

Step 3

Go to Part 2: Set Up Digital Channels and Apps. This contains instructions on how to set up non-voice Channels like Email, Messaging (chat, social messaging). It also contains information n how to set up Shopify if you are using it. 

Step 4

Go to Part 3: Set Up Phone, IVR, and SMS. This contains instructions on how to configure SMS (if you'd like to implement SMS support), as well as how to set up your IVR with numbers you have ported to Gladly.

Step 5

Go to Part 4: Set Up Inboxes, Topics, and General Gladly Settings. This contains a short overview of how you receive work from Customers, how to reply, and how to manage Customers already assigned to you. This also includes information on how to set up Inboxes (where Customers are routed to and queued and staffed by Agents), how to set up Topics, how to configure idle timing settings, and how the basics of how routing works.

Step 6

Go to Part 5: Set Up Answers and Help Center. This contains information on how to set up Agent profiles, how to set up email signatures, how to set up Answers, and how to set up Help Center.

Step 7

Go to Part 6: Set Up Rules and Agents. This contains information on how to set up Rules to automate manual Tasks to create smart automation. It also includes information on how to add users, including Agents to Gladly.

Step 8

Go to Part 7: Testing, Go Live, and Post Launch. This contains information a checklist of things to check to ensure smooth go-live activities, additional cut-over instructions BEFORE you start using Gladly, and some reporting information.

Step 9

Go to Part 8: Implementation Feedback and complete the survey. Please let us know how we can better support other Customers who opt to implement Gladly independently by letting us know what we can do better or what we can improve. Let us know what you liked as well.

Tip - Explore Gladly features and capabilities
Review the Features and Capabilities page to learn how Gladly provides you with tools you can use to serve your Customers better. Also, the Settings overview can help orient you with options you have to manage Gladly settings.

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