Prepare For Launch
  • 09 Sep 2022
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Prepare For Launch

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There are several tasks and verifications you should aim to complete in the days and weeks before go-live. The week-of-launch activities and checklist below will help ensure a smooth transition onto the Gladly platform.


Review the recommendations and checklist below and prepare to have all of these completed before your launch date.

Estimated Effort

The checklist should be completed a minimum of two business days before the launch date.

Please review the cutover recommendations a minimum of one week before launch, and contact your Gladly implementation team if you have any questions.

Best Practices

Cutover Recommendations

We recommend that you keep your old system running for 1 - 2 weeks before shutting it down, as you may wish to retrieve some items in there that you did not bring over (e.g., a specific interaction, or a macro)

Channel and Teams Cutover

We recommend cutting overall channels at once for specific teams.

If you want to break down launch, do so by teams; transition teams that work together quite frequently in your current CX provider so that they can work in the same system as they do now.

Week of Launch Recommendations: Email

Forward email to Gladly on the day of launch. We do not recommend forwarding prior as your auto-response rules may trigger from Gladly.

Preparing to move to Gladly from another system: 

  • If your team is using a vendor specific domain to send email replies to customers (e.g. you should set up an auto-reply rule in your old system to let customers know they will need to send a new email to your Gladly email address to continue to receive support. Email replies sent to your vendor specific address will not be routed to Gladly.
  • Add an exception to your email auto-reply rule in Gladly to not send the auto-reply message if the email subject contains "re:". This condition can be removed after a few days.

Once you start forwarding email into Gladly:

  • Assign a portion of associates to work out of your old email provider full-time and continue sending outbound email.
  • After sending an email, close the ticket in your old CX provider.
  • Responses will come into Gladly.
  • The agents on Gladly will likely then need to re-assign to the right agent when receiving the response - but this should start to peter out by the end of the week.

Week of Launch Recommendations: Chat, Phone

Transition chat and phone right before business hours start

  • Smoke test.
  • All chats and phones will go in to Gladly, so staff all your chat & phone associates in Gladly vs. old system.

Week of Launch Recommendations: Social

FB Messenger or Twitter should be added to Gladly before launch, but you should continue responding to customers out of your old social tools

  • On the day of launch, Gladly to close all Twitter & FB Messenger conversations in inboxes.
  • When new FB messages and Twitter DMs come in, reference your old social tools for what you responded with.
  • Respond out of Gladly.
  • You should not have to look at your old social tool by EOW as you start closing out ongoing social conversations.

Week of Launch Recommendations: Website Changes

Contact Us:

  • Go live with the new Contact Us page, and submit a couple of test emails to ensure name and email are being captured correctly.
  • Verify that Contact Us submissions are going into the correct Inbox in Gladly.
  • If you have a Lookup Adaptor, also send a form submission for an existing customer and ensure that the account is being linked correctly in Gladly.

Help Center

  • Set Help Center (FAQ) page live, and verify that a) the correct sections, headers, and articles are being displayed, and b) the search function is working properly.

Customer Checklist

  • [  ]  Mail forwarding is scheduled
  • [  ]  Voice porting or forwarding is scheduled
  • [  ]  Website updates are scheduled
  • [  ]  Agents can all login to Gladly
  • [  ]  Agents can take calls on Gladly (if using Gladly Voice)
  • [  ]  Agents are all logged into production

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