Self-Guided Implementation Overview
  • 15 Mar 2022
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Self-Guided Implementation Overview

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Gladly offers a suite of implementation packages to fit your needs based on the complexity of your implementation. These packages are specifically designed to arm you with knowledge of Gladly best practices so that you can launch Gladly as efficiently and smoothly as possible.

About the Self-Guided Implementation Package

This Package is designed for you to launch at your own pace, using and resources at your disposal. 

We recommended this Package for

  • Contact centers with fewer than 10 Agents.
  • Customers with only one contact center location.
  • Contact center located in the U.S. or Canada.
Tip - Check your billing start date
  • Make sure you verify your billing start date to know when billing commences! This is typically four weeks post-signature.
  • Keep in mind that any services add-ons you purchase as part of this package must be used within four weeks of signature.

What's in the Package

Full control over the speed of implementation

How fast you implement Gladly is up to you. While most of the configuration is self-serviceable, some (like porting phone numbers) will require help from our implementation team. 

  • Note that any Services add-ons purchased must be used within four weeks of signature or before the official "Start Date" listed on your contract.


Although meetings and 1:1 support are not included as a part of the Self-Guided Implementation Package, you'll have access to our self-service help information in, and our Gladly Support team if you ever need more help. 


You'll have full access to Support resources after you go live. You'll also have access to all community events like webinars, live training, and Academy content.

Change Requests

At any point, you (the Customer) or Gladly may submit a formal Change Request. If both parties agree to the described change, both parties must sign off on the Change Request. You can start a Change Request by contacting Gladly Support.

High-level implementation process description:

  1. Within five business days of signing the Gladly Order Form (OF), Gladly will send an email to you from implementations@gladly.comthat will contain:
    1. A login to your very own Gladly production instance.
    2. Access to the Gladly Academy.
    3.  A link to a form for you to fill in to verify your network and business settings.
  2. You sign up for Implementation training and instructions via Gladly Academy (titled Self-Guided Gladly Implementation) and complete the implementation steps. You'll retain access to the Academy and have continued access to all future training and certification content in perpetuity! 
  3. If you purchased a porting add-on, you may submit porting requests for up to five U.S. or Canadian phone numbers by sending an email to Gladly will conduct port support over email. Port must be requested within four weeks of the Implementation Start Date defined in the OF.
  4. If you purchased a conversation item data import add-on, you may submit the import initiation request to Acceptable import formats are documented here. Import must be requested within four weeks of the Implementation Start Date defined in the OF

Recommended Personnel

  • Staff with access to network infrastructure systems including, but not limited to your voice network, email servers, and knowledge base content.
  • Customer service team members for content configuration, testing, and training.
  • Adequate resources for go-live activities.

Implementation Materials and Resources

Project Scope

You're not alone on your implementation journey. To ensure a successful implementation, it’s important to understand what you (the Customer) will complete and what steps Gladly will own.

Gladly will

  • GLADLY ENVIRONMENT – Provision you a production Gladly environment 
  • SMS – Assist you in setting up SMS entry point in Gladly and purchase number(s).
  • VOICE – Assist you in setting up Voice entry point in Gladly and purchase number(s).
  • US AND CA VOICE / SMS PORT – If you purchased porting add-on and need to port up to 5 U.S. or C.A. number(s), Gladly will file porting LOA on behalf of you (the Customer) and inform you of porting date and status where applicable.
  • CONVERSATION ITEM DATA IMPORT – If you purchased a conversation item data import add-on, Gladly will import an export that you provide. Acceptable formats are documented here.

You (the Customer) will

Configure basic network and device requirements

Configure Gladly Channels

  • VOICE – If implementing Gladly Voice: 
    • Use real-time web communications ("webRTC") and coordinate with your carrier to forward calls to a Gladly number for launch.
    • If you are using virtual desktop infrastructure ("VDI") on User machines, configure agent machines to support browser redirection in order to enable the delivery of voice over webRTC.
    • If purchasing a porting add-on, sign porting documents and ensure fields are correctly filled in prior to sending porting request to
    • Configure Gladly IVR (e.g., specifying business hours and holiday dates).
  • EMAIL – If implementing Gladly Email:
    • Configure Domain Keys Identified Mail ("DKIM") and Sender Policy Framework ("SPF") records to enable Gladly outbound email.
    • Upon launch, begin forwarding in-scope email messages to Gladly.
    • If you are using a Contact Us form on-site, you will send such communications via email to Gladly and preserve the Reply-To header as the client's email address.
  • SIDEKICK (WEB) – If implementing Gladly Sidekick, configure and embed Gladly JavaScript Sidekick code on your website.
  • SOCIAL CHANNELS – If implementing Facebook Messenger, set up connection(s). If implementing Twitter, set up connection(s). If implementing Instagram, set up connection(s).

Configure Gladly content and integrations

  • HELP CENTER – If implementing Gladly Help Center
  • INTEGRATIONS – If connecting Gladly to external out-of-the-box systems, set up connection(s).
  • WORKFLOW Configure Gladly Rules, Inboxes, People Match, Answers, Topics and other settings as desired.
  • CONVERSATION ITEM DATA IMPORT – If purchasing a conversation item data import add-on: 

Test and launch Gladly

Do note that you are not required to implement everything stated above. For example, if you are not using Facebook Messaging as a Channel or are not planning to utilize Help Center, you may skip configuring those settings.

Continue to Self-Guided Implementations Instructions when you're ready to begin implementing Gladly.

This Self-Guided Implementation Package summary describes the scope of the Package purchased by you (the Customer) pursuant to the terms shown on the Order Form (OF) and your Master Subscription Services Agreement. This package also describes the requirements and roles required to ensure a successful implementation of Gladly.

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