Set Up Inbox
  • 14 Apr 2022
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Set Up Inbox

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Inboxes are used as a way to categorize types of work for specific Agent skills.

For example, if your Agents are skilled for all channels, across all topics, you may be able to group all interactions in a single Inbox.

If your Agents occasionally escalate to supervisors, and supervisors only handle escalations, then you may wish to create a specific Inbox for Escalations.

The above is how your default Gladly instance is set up! To view more, see default settings.


Set up Inboxes to align with Agent skills

Estimated Effort

As little as 45 minutes for a simple setup

Step-by-Step Tutorial & Best Practices

  1. Attend the workflow co-design session with your implementation team. This is a 45-minute workshop where we go over best practices with you. For more complex implementations, your organization may set up weekly check-ins with you over 3 - 4 weeks to finalize the Inbox structure.
  2. Fine-tune your Inbox structure as needed via Settings > Inboxes.
  3. Don't forget to set up a default outbound email, phone, and SMS numbers! These correspond to default entry points used when Agents initiate outbound contact to a customer. Remember that you can adjust the auto-reply answer in the Answers UI.

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