Set Up WhatsApp
  • 28 Oct 2022
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Set Up WhatsApp

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WhatsApp can be configured as an entry point in Gladly. This allows customers to interact with your agents via WhatsApp.


Set up WhatsApp to allow inbound and outbound messaging from within Gladly.

Estimated Effort

It depends on how long it takes for WhatsApp to approve the request, which could take a couple of weeks.

Step-by-Step Tutorial & Best Practices

If you are interested in using WhatsApp, please contact your Gladly implementations team or Gladly Support.


  • WhatsApp configuration is subject to a Professional Services setup fee. Contact Gladly Support for more information.
  • WhatsApp has a one-time fee of $50. This will be billed to Gladly and passed to you.
    • Other fees to be aware of is WhatsApp Conversation-based fees which are priced by region. Meta bills Gladly and passes these on to you with no markup. These fees are listed on your Gladly invoice.


  1. First, register your Facebook Business page
  2. Next, pick a WhatsApp display name.
  3. Next, choose a WhatsApp number. Note that you can select a number already purchased/ported into Gladly.
  4. Complete this form to submit your application. Use for the email address and enter your credit card information.
  5. Sign this agreement, putting Gladly as the ISV. Let Gladly know when it's done.
  6. Within one week, you should receive a notification in your Facebook Business Page from WhatsApp; please approve it using an Administrator's account on Facebook Business Manager.
    1. Open your Business Settings Menu and navigate to the Requests sub-menu.
    2. Select the Received tab.
    3. Click the Approve button for the request made regarding the WhatsApp Business API.
  7. Your application should be processed within one to two weeks (i.e., approved or needs more information).
  8. Once the application is approved, Gladly will activate your account and set up a WhatsApp Entry Point. We might need to schedule time with you if your number was not purchased/ported into Gladly.

Additional notes about WhatsApp

  • You will receive a one-time confirmation from Smooch/Zendesk Sunshine Conversations that you have signed up for WhatsApp hosting on the Smooch/Zendesk Sunshine Conversations platform via Gladly. WhatsApp requires this transaction record. Please let Gladly know once you receive this information.
  • Once you have signed the Terms of Service, you will need to have each of your Customers (End Clients) using the WhatsApp solution via the Sunshine Conversations technology sign this End Client agreement. Please note that each brand must sign these terms (only one signature is necessary if they have multiple WA numbers) and are non-negotiable. For tracking purposes, the End Clients will need to provide their Facebook Business Manager ID (the same one they used to create their WA numbers) into the agreement. Further information:
  • The Gladly team will work with you to set up your WhatsApp Entry Point, Inbox, and SLAs.

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