Testing Checklist
  • 09 Sep 2022
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Testing Checklist

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Step-by-Step Tutorial & Best Practices

Technical Foundations

SSO (if applicable)

  • SSO has been configured.
  • You can log in via SSO account to Gladly.
  • All Agents can log in via SSO account.

Network, hardware, and software

Channel Settings

Voice and IVR 

  • Voicesettings are correct for each Phone Number 
    • You have associated the right Phone Number to the right IVR and queue IVR
    • You have uploaded the correct hold and queue music
    • You have configured the appropriate IVR Wait Duration
  • You have tested each IVR by dialing into the appropriate phone number.
    • Ensure the correct greeting, QA, and queue music shows up.
    • Press / select each menu option.
    • Ensure that each option goes into the right place (e.g. Gladly, a forwarded number)
    • Toggle business hours on / off and ensure the right recordings are played.
    • Toggle holiday hours on / off and ensure the right recordings are played.
    • If there is a voicemail, ensure it goes to the right Gladly Inbox.
  • Agents can hear customers when picking up the phone.
  • Warm / Cold transfers work to desired Inboxes.
  • Agents are able to place outbound calls via Gladly.


  • Each SMS Entry Point works as expected.
  • SMS Entry Points go to the right Inbox.
  • SMS auto-replies work as desired.
  • Outbound SMs-es are able to deliver,
  • You have read through SMS acceptable use policies and have confirmed you will not be violating carrier regulations.


  • Email DKIM and SPF records have been set up and verified per domain.
  • Email forwarding has been put in place.
  • Inbound Email goes to the right Inbox.
  • Email auto-replies work as desired.
  • Ensure rules work (e.g.: applies topics), if configured.
  • Agents can send outbound emails from Gladly.
  • Outbound Email delivers from Gladly.

Social Channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) Inbound

  • Social Channels inbound messages go to the right Inbox.
  • You are able to respond to inbound social channel messages.
  • If using Instagram, you have "Allow Access to Messages" turned on. 


  • Confirm Sidekick design and text
    • Correct font-family.
    • Out-of-the-office HTML message looks correct, with all links clickable.
    • Correct hex codes / colors. 
  • You can chat with an agent and receive a response back.
  • If onboarding is configured, you can onboard and enter your name and email.
  • If self-service is enabled:
    • You can click on all the Quick Action links.
    • You can search for answers, they are in the right language and for the right audience.
  • The out-of-the-office message is correct, and all links in the HTML template work.
  • If auto chat throttling is turned on, there are Agents who will staff the Inbox you are pointing chat to. 
  • If proactive chat campaigns are turned on, campaigns show when testing on your web page.
  • If utilizing in-app SDK, you are able to load Sidekick on Android/iOS and send an inbound chat message.
  • If you have a sandbox environment, you are using a production embed code instead of sandbox.
  • If the front-end website has a content-security policy, you have updated your content-security policy to allow Gladly Sidekick.

Chat Payments (if applicable)

  • Agent is able to request chat payment.
  • Customer is able to enter credit card.
  • Agent is able to view credit card information.


Lookup Adaptor

For each Lookup Adaptor:

  • Basic search works in < 5 seconds, providing relevant results to Agents based on parameters entered by Agent on Basic search page.
  • Basic search manual fields are configured as designed.
  • Auto-linking configuration works (recommend email & mobile phone).
  • Customer profile configuration & layout works as expected and designed.
  • Detailed lookup works in < 5 seconds and provides real-time information on the right customer ID.
  • Actions, if configured, work as desired.
  • You have set up some form of Gladly-supported Authentication on your Lookup Adaptor.


Content Settings and Self Service

Answers and Topics

  • Answers are up-to-date and Agents understand when / how to utilize them.
  • Topics are up-to-date and Agents understand when / how to utilize them.
  • Audiences have been created, with Answers correctly categorized in each Audience.

Help Center

  • Help Center appears on the right page on your website.
  • Help Center Search is in the right language.
  • Help Center Audience is configured correctly.
  • Help Center layout and columns look as desired.
  • Help Center layout looks as desired on Mobile screen widths.
  • If you have a sandbox environment, you are using a production embed code instead of sandbox.

Orchestration and Agent Experience Settings

Conversation Workflow Settings

Agent Experience Settings

Orchestration Settings

  • Business hours settings are correct - recall that these settings are only used in routing rules. For Entry Point business hours, please configure directly in IVR or Sidekick.
  • Inboxes have been configured, and you have set up default outbound addressees from inboxes if you have multiple of each channel.
  • You are familiar with how People Match, Rules, and Skillswork together to assign conversations to Agents.
    • Entry point default SLA and Inbox mappings are correct.
    • People Match settings are correct, and you are satisfied with the boosts applied.
    • Skills have been set up, if desired, and utilized in People Match configurations to apply boosts.
    • Rules have been set up to route to Inboxes, apply topics, close conversations, send auto-replies, and more.

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