Set Up Help Center
  • 10 Jun 2022
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Set Up Help Center

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The Help Center is a form of self-service for your customers to use. It allows customers to solve their own problems without contacting you.

Self-service opportunities help deflect inbound contact and allow your agents to focus on high-value or complex issues.

Help Center sections are manually configured by you and powered by your Public Answers in Gladly.


Successfully configure and embed your Help Center on your website.

Estimated Effort

As little as 2 hours for simple setup

Step-by-Step Tutorial & Best Practices

The following steps allow you to embed the out-of-the-box Gladly Help Center embed code on your website, which we highly recommend! If you'd like to build your own help center layout instead, take a look at our code samples.

  1. Set up Gladly Public Answers, as documented here.
  2. Go to Settings > Help Center and create a Help Center per language.
  3. Segment your Public Answers by creating Audiences and assigning Public Answers to the correct Audience.
  4. Determine Sections you'd like to see on your Help Center
  5. Get your Help Center embed code.
  6. Create a static page on your website to host your Help Center.
  7. Embed Help Center embed code on this page. Help Center will inherit your default CSS, but you may style further using the style guide on if you'd like. We recommend keeping this page in preview mode or private, if possible until you are ready to launch.

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