Set Up and Configure Instagram Messaging
  • 13 May 2022
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Set Up and Configure Instagram Messaging

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Set up Instagram Messaging Instagram messages and Stories into Conversations.

Before you start

Review the following information before you set up Instagram:

  • Think about which Inbox to route messages to. You can create a new Inbox specifically for Instagram Messaging to direct them to an existing Inbox.
  • Set up Business Hours to trigger auto-replies based on your operating hours.
  • Think about Topics Customers might ask through Instagram and use them to apply to Instagram Conversations. 
  • Note that an Agent "liking" a message (nor auto-replies triggered via Rules or Business Hours) are not considered a reply and will not satisfy the Conversation SLA. 

Facebook enforced guidance to keep in mind

  • Rate Limit on Messages – Facebook imposes a rate limit of 200 messages per 5 minutes per account.
  • Paid Campaigns – Due to the imposed rate limit by Facebook, it's not recommended to run organic paid campaigns to drive engagement and messaging through Instagram.
Note - Instagram imposed limitations

Below are limitations that Instagram is currently imposing for all partners using the Instagram API:

  • Reactions sent from the Instagram App will not appear in the Conversation Timeline in Gladly.
  • All reactions are always mapped to  . This is currently a limitation of the Facebook API.

Note - Convert Story @mentions to Conversations
By default, Stories @mentioning your company won't create a Conversation. If you'd like @mentions to also create Conversations in Gladly, contact Gladly Support. Keep in mind that @mentions can potentially create, hundreds — if not, thousands — of Conversations in Gladly. 

Configure Instagram in Facebook Business Suite

Before you add Instagram to Gladly, you must first set up and configure your Instagram business account. Follow the instructions in the links below.

  1. See Set Up a Business Account on Instagram to learn how to set up a business account.
  2. Next, add your Instagram business account to your Facebook business page.
  3. Allow access to your Instagram Messages. Log into your Instagram business account through the mobile app. From the Profile view, tap the menu icon on the top right corner of the screen, then tap Settings > Privacy > Messages. From the Message Controls screen, under Connected Tools, toggle "Allow Access to Messages" so it's activated. This allows you to receive Instagram messages in Gladly from your Instagram business account.

Once your business account is connected to a Facebook business page and you allow access to all messages through the Instagram app, continue to add Instagram to Gladly.

Add Instagram Messaging

Note - Popup blockers
If you're using browser popup blockers, turn it off temporarily to allow the Instagram login modal to appear.
  1. Click the menu icon on the top left corner of the screen.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Under the Channels category, click Instagram Messaging. The Instagram Messaging page will show you a list of Instagram accounts configured to be used in Gladly. It also includes the following details:
    • Page Name – Name of the Instagram account as shown on Facebook pages.
    • Username – The username associated with the Instagram Messaging account.
    • Facebook Page ID – The Facebook Page ID associated with the account.
    • Added By – Name of the person who added the account in Gladly.
    • Added On – Date and time the account was added in Gladly.
  4. Click Manage Instagram Messaging to add a new account.
  5. From the Facebook login page, enter the Facebook business credentials (email/phone, password), then click Log In. This is the Facebook business account the Instagram business account is linked to.
    • If it detects you're already logged in, click Edit Settings, taking you to step 6.
  6. It'll ask which Instagram business account to use with Gladly. Click the checkbox next to the Instagram business account you want to connect to Gladly, then click Next.
  7. It'll ask which Pages you want to connect to Gladly. Click the checkbox next to the business page where you connected your Instagram account.
    • Note - If you also use Facebook Messenger, DO NOT uncheck the prechecked box on this screen, as this will unlink your Facebook Messenger account.
  8. On the Permissions page, make sure all the toggles are showing Yes, then click Done. 
  9. In the Add Instagram Business Pages confirmation screen, click the box next to the Instagram account you're linking to Gladly. Click Connect, then OK.
  10. At this point, Instagram Messaging is added as a new Entry Point.
    • Confirm the Name of your Instagram account. You can change it to another name but use a name that easily identifies the account.
    • Select the Inbox you want to use to route Instagram messages/Stories to Agents.
    • Confirm the SLA. SLA In Minutes defaults to the current SLA configured for the chosen Inbox unless SLA is configured in the Entry Point.
  11. Click Save.
  12. Instagram is added to your messaging Channel. Agents assigned to the Inbox used for Instagram will receive new Instagram Messaging requests whenever they're available in the messaging Channel.

See Respond to Messages from Instagram to learn how to help Customers through Instagram Messaging.

Check your firewall

Story @mentions or messages are served directly from Facebook and may not appear in Gladly if your firewall blocks Facebook. To avoid this, we recommend allowing traffic from in your firewall.

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