Payments Summary
  • 29 Oct 2021
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Payments Summary

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This Payment Summary report can help you understand the aggregated value of Chat Payments requested from Customers, including the status of reach request made.

How Data in the report is measured

The report is measured by the following:


  • Grouped by Payment Request.

Time Anchor

Metrics used for the Payments Summary report

Click on the description to review the definition of each metric and how it's used to calculate data.

DateDate the payment request was made.
Completed AmountThe amount that Agents requested from Customers where the transaction was completed.
Declined AmountThe amount that Agents requested from Customers where Customers clicked the 'Decline' button.
Timeout AmountPayment requests sent to a Customer time out when one of the following conditions are met:
  • The chat session ended.
  • The <configured> timeframe to process a payment has expired. This length of time is configurable by Gladly. Contact Gladly Support to check or update the current time value.

StatusStatus of a payment request: Completed, Declined, Time Out.CSV only
Total Amount (USD)Total amount of the payment requests for a given time period. This amount includes all statuses (Completed, Declined, and Timed Out).
  • CSV only
  • Amount is only in USD

How the Payments Summary report is filtered

Use these filters to modify the data in your report. Using a combination of filters will also provide more targeted results. You can learn more about filters here.


  • When filtering by date, the report will list all payment request attempts, including the payment status of each request.


  • When changing the rollup filter (e.g., Daily), the report will show you payment requests that were made for each day based on your Date filter. For example, if your Date filter is Aug 8-10, and the rollup is Daily, then you'll see requests that were made on Aug 8, 9, and 10.

How to use the Payments Summary report

The Payments Summary report can provide multiple data points based on how you slice and dice the data. Below are a couple of examples:

ScenarioColumn Filters
How many payments were declined?
  • Select the desired date/range
  • Select the 'Weekly' as the rollup 
Use the Declined column to see the number of declined payments on each day. Click Download CSV and use the Total Amount (USD) column to see the declined transaction's value.
What's the total value of declined and/or timed-out payment requests?
  • Select the desired date/range
  • Select the 'Weekly' as the rollup
  • Click Download CSV
Filter the CSV by Status (TIMEOUT, DECLINED) and add the Total Amount (USD) column to the get total.
How much did we successfully collect in credit card payments?
  • Select the desired date/range
  • Select the 'Weekly' as the rollup
  • Click Download CSV
Filter the CSV by Status (COMPLETED) and add the Total Amount (USD) column to get the total.


What if there's an unusually high amount of requests that are timing out?

These are requests where the Customer did not take action on the request. If you see an unusually high number of requests timing out, ask yourselves these questions:

  • Is there a correlation between the dollar amount versus the number of payments timing out? Perhaps engaging with the Customer and providing positive feedback on the purchase could encourage the Customer to complete the sale.
  • Do you notice more time-outs on specific Agents than others? Talk to them and try to understand why they think this is happening.

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