Export Reports (UI and API)
  • 12 Nov 2022
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Export Reports (UI and API)

  • PDF

In addition to the reports you can view directly from Gladly, you can also export/download reports as a CSV from the UI. CSVs sometimes contain more metrics than what can be seen in the UI and is especially useful for users who want to dig deeper into how the contact center is performing.

Tip - Download reports via API

You can also export reports via API. Visit https://developer.gladly.com to learn more.

CSV reports contain a lot of detail. It can be used in 3rd-party business intelligence tools that you might use. Just note that when downloading your report into a CSV file, the interval in the CSV selector will override the interval view on the report currently being viewed on-screen. Certain reports can contain up to 1 million rows in the CSV export. All others will have a 100k row limit.

Download report as a CSV 

  1. From the Reports page, select the report you need, select your filters, then click View Report.
  2. Once your report is generated, select Download CSV.
  3. Choose how you want to aggregate your data in the CSV.
  • Half Hourly
  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Quarterly


Wait a few moments to allow Gladly to generate the report. It should then download to your local download folder.

Additional download options (PDF)

Upon generating a report, click the kebab icon (three dots) to the right of the report, then select Download

Here, you can choose to download the report in CSV or PDF format. Download in PDF format provides you with additional options:

  • Paper Size – The Fit Page to Dashboard option is the default; it sizes the PDF to match the layout of the dashboard on the screen. Other paper size options size the PDF to match a standard paper size and fit the dashboard within it. Depending on the layout of the dashboard, large visualizations or groups of overlapping tiles may need to be resized to fit on given page size.
  • Expand tables to show all rows (check box) – If you select something other than Fit Page to Dashboard in the Paper Size drop-down, an Orientation option appears. You can choose to orient the dashboard in portrait or landscape position.
  • Arrange dashboard tiles in single column (check box) – Select or leave unselected Arrange dashboard tiles in a single column. If you select this option, the PDF displays dashboard tiles in a single vertical column. If you do not select this option, the dashboard tiles appear as they are arranged in the dashboard.

Click Download to receive a PDF download.

Access reports via API

All reports in Gladly are accessible via the API. Visit the developer site to learn how to generate reports via API.

CSV aggregate limits

The Topics, Agent Performance Summary (sunsetting), and Operational Summary (sunsetting) are limited to the following:

  • 100 days for Daily
  • 100 weeks for Weekly
  • Five years for Monthly and Quarterly

For example, suppose you're using Topics to export data between 1/01/2022 to 06/30/2022, the CSV would only yield results for 3/22/22 to 6/30/22.

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