Edit, Restore, Archive, and Clone an IVR
  • 14 Apr 2022
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Edit, Restore, Archive, and Clone an IVR

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You can edit, restore, archive, and even clone an IVR. This gives full control over the IVR experience to make updates as your needs change.

Below is a couple of use reason to maintain an existing IVR:

  • Edit Update your existing IVR configuration and node settings. You can edit a Message node to change a recording played to Customers. You may also edit a Schedule node to edit your operating hours to ensure calls are routed to an Agent (if you're open) or voicemail (if you're closed).
  • Restore Restore to a previous version of the IVR. Let's say you want to restore your IVR experience for New Years Day from last year; you can restore the IVR to that version instead of creating a new IVR.
  • Archive Archive inactive IVRs that are no longer being used. 
  • Clone Create a copy of an existing IVR to make it easier to duplicate a similar IVR experience without building a new one from scratch.

Before you start

  • Keep note if you're editing an Initial IVR or Queue IVR.
  • An IVR is in a "published" state until a change is made. It will automatically create an "unpublished" version where you can continue to make other updates.

Find the IVR you want to edit

  1. Click the menu located in the top left corner of the screen.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Under the Channels category, click IVR. The Active tab lists IVRs currently being used.
  4. Hover over the IVR you want to edit. Click on the pencil icon to the right of the IVR to view the IVR screen. This is where you can edit your nodes.

Edit an IVR node

  1. From the IVR tree, click the node you want to edit. The node settings will appear on the right side of the screen.
    • Use the node search feature to find nodes by name or by node type.
    • Each node will have its own set of settings, which you can find here. Carefully read the description of each setting. If you need assistance editing your IVR, contact Gladly Support.
  2. To add a node, under the Default Next Node section, click the drop-down menu, then click Create New Node. From the node selection screen, click the next node you want to add. It's automatically added to the IVR tree and linked to the node currently selected.
    • Some nodes include an Error Node option. This required node is the next node a call is moved to if an error is encountered.
  3. Once a change is made, a new "unpublished" state is immediately created.
  4. You have the option to test your changes before your updates are published.

Publish an updated IVR

Any IVR changes automatically create an "unpublished" version (think of it as a new draft) of the IVR. 

  1. Click Publish.
    • The Publish button will remain unavailable if you are missing any required fields in the node. Required fields appear as a red error message.
  2. Provide a short description of the changes that you made, then click OK.
  3. The description of your update is noted under the Published Change column. The person who last published an update to the IVR appears under the Published By column.

Clone an existing IVR

Replicate an existing IVR, including all of its existing nodes, structure, and settings. You can clone an IVR if you'd like to replicate a similar IVR experience which will help minimize the amount of time needed to configure a new IVR.

Watch Out - Review all IVR fields 
Cloning an IVR means recordings, DTMF options, and other settings are also replicated. Be sure to check every node, update the necessary fields, and replace existing recordings to match your cloned IVR's requirements.

  1. From the IVR page, hover over the IVR you want to clone and click the copy icon.
  2. Enter a new name for the IVR.
  3. Click Duplicate.
    • The new copy will be placed in the Inactive tab until a phone number is associated with the IVR.

Archive or Unarchive an IVR

Recently created IVRs and IVRs not linked to a phone number can be found in the Inactive tab. You can archive IVRs that are no longer being used. You can also unarchive IVRs anytime.


  1. From the IVR screen, click the Inactive tab.
  2. Hover over the IVR you want to archive and click the Archive icon.
  3. Confirm your request and click Archive IVR in the prompt.


  1. From the IVR screen, click the Archived tab.
  2. Hover over the IVR you want to unarchive and click the Unarchive icon.
  3. Confirm your request and click Unarchive in the prompt.

The unarchived IVR will be moved to the Inactive tab. IVRs must be linked to a phone number to be considered active.

Restore to a previous configuration

Restore an IVR to a previous configuration. All previous configurations, including recordings, nodes, etc., are restored.

  1. Click the Unpublished drop-down menu, hover over the previously saved version, then click View.
  2. At the top of the IVR, click Restore.

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