Q. Why is a Customer's request appearing on an unrelated Customer's Profile?
  • 15 Jun 2022
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Q. Why is a Customer's request appearing on an unrelated Customer's Profile?

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If a Customer's messages (chat, SMS, etc.) or phone calls appear on a different, unrelated Customer Profile, there are two common reasons why this happens:

  1. The Customer's Profile was accidentally merged with the unrelated Profile. Check the Conversation Timeline merge events to see if this is the case.
  2. A Customer is calling using a common VoIP number that other Customers might also use, which results in incorrect linking of Customer Profiles. Click here to learn more about this scenario.

Accidental merging of unrelated Profiles

It's not possible to unmerge Profiles merged by mistake. We suggest the following if you mistakenly merged unrelated Profiles, so future Conversations with the Customer appear on the correct Profile. Please note that following the steps below may lose some context and historical Conversations.

  1. Take note of both Customers' unique contact details (name, email address, phone number).
  2. Update the contact details of the existing Profile that has the merged details. 
    • Delete the phone numbers (if any).
    • Change the email to a generic email like john.smith@acme.com. It should be an email address a Customer won't ever use.
    • Create a Note detailing what you did due to the incorrect merging of unrelated Customer Profiles.
  3. Create a new Customer Profile for both Customers and add their unique contact details like their name, email address, and/or phone numbers.
  4. Use the pin feature to link the last Conversation from both Customers on the existing Profile to the new Profiles you created for each Customer.

If the Customer contacts in again using a known identifier like their email address or phone number, Gladly will open the new Profile you created. 

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