Add a Note to a Conversation
  • 14 Sep 2022
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Add a Note to a Conversation

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Use the Note feature to add additional depth and detail about a Conversation, a Customer, or anything you need to jot down for you or your team to see about the Customer. Anything you leave as a Note is for internal use only.

  1. Go to the Profile of the Customer you want to create a Note for and click on the Gladly + icon to pull up available actions. From the drop-down list, click Note.
  2. The Note Composition screen will appear where you can type your notes.
  3. Click Add Note. The Note will appear on the Conversation Timeline.
Tip - Using Note for phone calls
The Note Composition screen will automatically load upon accepting a phone call so Agents can write the summary of a phone call.

Using Answers in a Note

You can access Answers directly from the Note Composition Screen and drop them quickly into your Notes.

For example, if you talked to a Customer on the phone about your store’s return policy and wanted to make a note of it, you can insert the Answer on your returns policy into your Note instead of typing it out yourself. 

Tip - Using Answers in a Note
You will only see the Use option for Message and Email Answer types. Alternatively, copy/paste any Answer content to your Tasks when needed.

Mention other users in a Note

Mention others in your Note by typing @<name> and selecting the user's name(s) on the list that appears, so they are notified of your mention.

Mention is useful if you want others to review a Note.

  • Tip – If you need a user to take action beyond letting them know of your Note update, create a Task instead.

The user(s) you mention will see a Growl notification and an update that they're mentioned on a Note in their Notifications Center

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