Add a New Customer Profile
  • 08 Sep 2022
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Add a New Customer Profile

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When a new or unknown Customer reaches out to you, a new Customer Profile is automatically created for that Customer. This is where all current and future interactions with the Customer are stored. When the new Profile is automatically created, you should add as many contact details as you can. The more information you have about a Customer in the Customer Detail, the better Gladly can always match the Customer to their Customer Profile whenever they contact you. Still, you have the option to create a new Profile, especially if you're reaching out to a Customer that doesn't have an existing Profile.

Add a new Customer Profile 

You can add a new Customer (Profile) anytime and manually add their details.

  1. From the top section of the My Customers list, click the kebab menu icon (three dots).
  2. Click Add New Customer.
    • In collapsed view, the kebab menu icon (three dots) to add a Customer is at the bottom of the My Customers list.
    • You can also click on the Gladly+ icon at the bottom corner area of your homepage view, then click Add New Customer.
  3. On the left side of the Customer Profile screen, fill in the following sections:
    • Contact – Enter all the details you know about the Customer. The more information you can provide, the more accurate Customer matching will be, and the easier it is for Gladly to identify the Customer every time they contact you. This includes a Customer's:
      • Email address – If known, enter the Customer's email address. This allows Gladly to identify the Customer when they send an email using this email address. If known, you can add other email addresses they own.
      • Phone number – If known, enter the Customer's phone number. Select the phone type (Mobile, Home, Office, Other) and phone tag (e.g., if Mobile, select if it's for SMS and/or Main). 
        • Note – The SMS tag must be selected for the Customer to receive support via SMS.
    • Details – Perhaps they have a color preference or something to be aware of (like if they have allergies). You can enter that here.
    • Relationship – If you can identify another Profile the new Customer is related to, create a connection between the Customer Profiles.
Tip - Default Inbox for a newly added Customer Profile
When you add a new Customer while in an Inbox and attempt to contact the Customer (email, call, etc.),  the Customer Profile is automatically assigned to the most recent Inbox you were assigned to. 

Customer Details

Add a level of detail and personalization about a Customer using the Details section. Like if they have allergies, their preferred color, or perhaps they go by a certain nickname. 

Unlike Notes, where it's used to leave notes about a recent interaction or Conversation with the Customer, Details can be general information that's good to know about the Customer.

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