What is Customer Relationships?
  • 23 Jul 2020
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What is Customer Relationships?

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Sometimes, a Customer might reach out to ask a question or make a purchase on someone else’s behalf, like an executive assistant booking a hotel room for his boss, or a wife who is planning a trip for herself and her spouse.

In both cases, it makes sense for those Conversations to exist in the Conversation Timeline. But since those Conversations also involve other Customers, it makes equal sense for those Conversations to be reflected in the Timelines of their related counterparts, so Agents who are new to the Conversation have the full context of why a booking or trip was made for that Customer and by whom—especially if those Customers may be making bookings or purchases on each other’s behalf in the future.

In Gladly, we reflect these behind-the-scenes connections and context with something we call Relationships

With Relationships, Agents can:

  • Pin one or more interactions from one Conversation Timeline to a related Customer’s  ConverastionTimeline—kind of like copying and pasting.
  • Switch directly between Customer Profiles to get the full context of interactions made on behalf of Customers.
  • Define and label the Relationships between two or more Customers on a Customer’s Profile.

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