What is a Customer Profile?
  • 14 Jul 2021
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What is a Customer Profile?

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The Customer Profile is a record of everything your company knows about a Customer, which includes the Customer's:

  • Contact details (address, email, phone number, social media handles, etc.)
  • Historical Conversations
  • Preferences
  • Relationships
  • Details (special notes about the Customer like allergies, preferred color, etc.)

You can get to a Customer's Profile in one of three ways:

  1. When a message (i.e., email, voicemail, SMS, Facebook Message) is routed to you, you’ll automatically be taken to that Customer’s Profile,
  2. When you accept a voice call or accept a messaging request, you're automatically be taken to that Customer’s Profile.
  3. Clicking on a Customer from the My Customers list or a Task.

In Gladly, a full view of the Customer is consolidated in the Customer's Profile. A Customer Profile is made up of two key sections.

  • [1] - Customer Details
  • [2] - Conversation Timeline

1 - Customer Details

The Customer Details panel is on the left of the Customer Profile. It contains different kinds of information about the Customer.


The Contact section is where you’ll see, add, and edit the contact information your company has for a Customer.


In the Conversations section, you’ll find a list of every Conversation organized by Topic a Customer has had with your company. So when a Customer reaches out with a question about a particular Conversation, you can simply click the relevant Conversation Topic and be taken to the start of that interaction. 


If used by your company, it shows how a Customer is related to another Customer through the Relationships feature. 


The Details section is where you can find, add, and edit any additional details you learn about the Customer like their preferred color, preferred floor location, or if they have allergies.

2 - Conversation Timeline

To the right of the Customer Profile, you’ll find the Conversation Timeline. This is also where you'll find previous and current Conversations with the Customer.

In it, you’ll find a running record of every interaction a Customer has had with your company, compiled into a single timeline. This means you can see the entire history of a Customer’s relationship with your brand, from start to present.

Navigate between Conversations

A Conversation Timeline can consist of several Conversations, which depends on the number of times the Customer has reached out to your company for help.

If a Customer reaches back out about an issue in a previous Conversation, you won’t need to scroll through an entire history of interactions. Instead, you can go straight to that Conversation via the Customer Details panel by selecting the correct Topic.

To view Conversation by Topic:

  1. Go to the Conversations section of the Customer Details panel. You’ll see a list of all the Conversations that the Customer has had with you by Topic.
  2. Click on the Conversation the Customer is referring to. You’ll be taken straight to the start of that Conversation to start reading.

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