Pin and Unpin Interactions Between Customers
  • 16 Nov 2022
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Pin and Unpin Interactions Between Customers

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You can pin a specific interaction (or multiple interactions) from one Customer's Timeline to another. This is useful when you want to create a link between two different Conversations or Customer Profiles. For instance, you can link a Conversation from a personal assistant by pinning a hotel reservation request to their manager's Customer Profile.

Once an interaction is pinned, clicking on it from either Customer's Profile will take you straight to where that interaction is in the related Customer's Timeline.

Pin an interaction

  1. From a Conversation Timeline, find the interaction you want to pin. Click on the three vertical dots on the top right of the interaction, and select Pin to Another Profile from the drop-down list.
  2. Search for the Customer whose Timeline you want to pin the interaction to by typing their name, email address, or another unique identifier into the search field.
    • If the Customer has an existing Profile  Select the Customer by clicking on their name from the drop-down list or by hitting Enter or return, then click Confirm.
    • If the Customer doesn't have an existing Profile  Add a new Profile and fill in the fields with any details you know about the Customer, then click Add.
  3. You'll see a label under the interaction indicating that it's pinned and to whose Profile. The interaction will also appear on the other Conversation Timeline.
  4. You can pin an interaction to as many Profiles as you see fit. Repeat the steps above for each related Customer.

Unpin an interaction

Unpinning an interaction is just as easy as pinning one in Gladly and can be initiated from the Profile it was pinned from and the Profile it was pinned to. 

  1. Go to the interaction you want to unpin. This can be from the Timeline of the Customer the interaction was pinned from or the Timeline it was pinned to.
  2. Hover your mouse over the label, indicating that the interaction was pinned. You'll see a small circle with an X appear on the top right of the label. Click X.
  3. That's it! The interaction will no longer be pinned and removed from the Timeline of the Customer it was pinned to.

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