Switch Between Profiles of Related Customers
  • 18 Jan 2022
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Switch Between Profiles of Related Customers

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Pinning Relationships and Conversation allow Agents to easily navigate from one Customer’s Profile to the other with just one click. When a Customer is frequently reaching out on behalf of another, or a request requires context or information from the related Customer, this can save Agents precious seconds they would have spent searching for the Customer manually and enable them to provide superior Customer Service experience.

There are two ways an Agent can navigate to a related Customer’s Profile:

  1. From a pinned interaction
  2. From the Relationships card

From a Pinned Interaction

If the Customers have a shared, pinned interaction, you can use that to navigate quickly to the other Customer’s Profile. Click on the Pinned to name to switch Profiles

From the Relationships Card

If there is an existing Relationship between Customers, click on the name of the other Customer on the Relationship Card then select View Customer.

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