Set Up and Configure Facebook Messenger
  • 14 Oct 2022
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Set Up and Configure Facebook Messenger

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The first step in connecting with Customers over Facebook Messenger is to connect your company's Facebook account to Gladly. To set up this integration, you will need to:

  • Create or leverage an existing Facebook Page for your company.
  • Have an Admin account access to your Facebook Page.
  • Grant Gladly all the appropriate permissions.

Make sure you're logged into the Facebook account before continuing.

Watch Out - We recommend not adding an Entry Point(s) until you're ready to receive incoming requests
Upon adding a new Entry Point, incoming requests from that Entry Point automatically route to the corresponding Channel's primary Inbox. For example, upon adding Instagram Messaging as an Entry Point, direct messages from your Instagram account will automatically create a Conversation in Instagram Channel's primary Inbox.

  • Voice/SMS – Phone numbers can be purchased and held onto until you're ready to complete the setup by connecting them as Entry Points.
  • Chat (Sidekick) – Upon configuring Sidekick, it's available to receive incoming chat requests as soon as it's embedded on your website. Chats are routed to the chat Channel's primary Inbox.
  • Social Channels – Upon adding a social Channel Entry Point (e.g., Twitter, Instagram, or WhatsApp), messages automatically route to the social Channel's primary Inbox.
  • Email – Once an email address is added, it's ready to receive inbound emails in the email Channels' primary Inbox as long as email forwarding is activated.

Use Exceptions to link an Entry Point to a different Inbox if you don't want to use the Channel's primary Inbox.

Note - Popup blockers
If you're using popup blockers, turn it off temporarily to allow the Facebook login modal to appear.
  1. Click the menu icon on the top left corner of the screen.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Under the Channels category, click Facebook Pages. The Facebook Pages page will show you a list of Facebook Pages configured to be used in Gladly.
    • The Facebook Pages page also includes the following details:
      • Page Name – Name of the Facebook account.
      • Facebook Page ID – The Facebook Page ID associated with the account.
      • Added By – Name of the person who added the account in Gladly.
      • Added On – Date and time the account was added in Gladly.
  4. Click Manage Facebook Pages to add a new account.
  5. A window will pop up, asking you to confirm the Facebook Profile you want to continue. Click Continue as [Name].
    • If it isn’t the right profile – Click the arrow at the top right corner and click Switch User so you can log in using another email or password.
    • 'Can't Load URL' error – This error means that your company's login domain must be allowed. Please contact Gladly Support and provide this error.
  6. You’ll be redirected to Gladly, where you’ll see a dropdown list of the Facebook pages you have Administrative privileges for. Select the Facebook page you want to set up the Entry Point for, then click Connect
  7. At this point, the Facebook account is added as a new Entry Point. Next, go to the Entry Points settings page to link Facebook to an Inbox.
    • Select the primary Inbox you want Facebook Messenger messages to go to. Add an exception if you have other Facebook accounts you want to link to a different Inbox.
  8. Click Save.
  9. Facebook Messenger is now added to your messaging Channel. Agents assigned to the Inbox used for Facebook will receive new Facebook messaging requests whenever they're available in the messaging Channel.
    • Once connected, Customers who use the Send Message option (through Facebook Messenger) on your company's Facebook page can contact you. Likewise, if your Customer's Facebook information is added to their Customer Detail information, you can contact them directly through their account.

See Create and Reply to Facebook Messages to learn how to help Customers on Facebook Messenger.

Note - Avoid using additional automation with Facebook Messenger
While Gladly does work well with other Business Integrations, it should be the sole destination for all inbound messages to a Facebook Page.
  • Gladly does not support the Handover Protocol, meaning Gladly will not relinquish control of the Conversation to a third party or field request to take control of messages from third parties. 
  • Use of other "Facebook Automations" (e.g., Facebook bots, auto-replies) should be avoided. Please use Gladly Rules to create additional automation within Gladly.

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