Call Recordings
  • 11 Jan 2022
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Call Recordings

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Any calls made via Gladly are recorded on a Customer’s Timeline for reference. The live recording of a call can be paused if the Agent needs to gather personal or sensitive information.

What is recorded

  • The recording starts as soon as the Customer is connected to an Agent.
  • For outbound calls, recording starts when the call is answered by the Customer or a voicemail.
  • What the Customer and Agent say is recorded.
  • When a Warm Transfer happens, by default, the Customer is put on hold. While the Customer is on hold, the Conversation between the two Agents is not recorded. If the Customer is taken off hold, the Conversation between all Agents and the Customer is recorded.
  • When a Warm Transfer is completed, the Customer is by default taken off hold and the recording between the customer and the new Agent is recorded.
  • For Cold Transfers, we record the Queue IVR when the Customer is waiting.

Recording Format

  • Calls are recorded in mono.
  • Recorded calls can be downloaded in MP3 format.

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