Agent Timestamps
  • 26 Jan 2022
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Agent Timestamps

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The Agent Timestamps report can help you understand how well Agents are adhering to their schedules.

Metrics and Key Concepts

The Agent Timestamps report uses the following metrics and concepts to quantify the reported data.

TimestampTime when the event was recorded. The Date range filter is connected to this time anchor
Occurred AtTime when the event occurred
AgentAgent who performed the action
TypeType of event. Types include:
Available ForWhen the event type is "AGENT_AVAILABILITY/UPDATED," this column represents the set of channel types for which the Agent is available after changing their availability. Empty brackets "[ ]" signify that the Agent has gone unavailable for all channel types.
Away ReasonWhen the event type is "AGENT_STATUS/WENT_AWAY" or "AGENT_STATUS/RETURNED_FROM_AWAY," this column will contain the Away Reason selected. If the Agent goes Away by idling, the "AGENT_STATUS/WENT_AWAY" will not have a Reason specified. If the Agent did not select a Reason upon going away, the "AGENT_STATUS/RETURNED_FROM_AWAY" will contain the Reason they choose upon returning.
Active Reason
When the event type is "AGENT_STATUS/LOGGED_IN" or "AGENT_STATUS/RETURNED_FROM_AWAY," this column will contain the default Active Reason. If the Agent selects a new reason, the "AGENT_STATUS/CHANGED_ACTIVE_REASON" will contain the selected Active Reason.
If the Agent did not select a Reason upon going away, the "AGENT_STATUS/RETURNED_FROM_AWAY" will contain both the Away Reason they choose upon returning and the default Active Reason.
Agent IDGladly ID for the Agent who performed the action

Understand the Basics

When to use the Agent Timestamps report

Use the Agent Timestamps report if you have questions around:

  • When are Agents logging in and out?
  • When are Agents going available and unavailable for certain Channels?
  • When are Agents going Away, and for what reasons?
  • When are Agents doing particular types of work while Active?

How often to view the report

Review this report daily or weekly to gain valuable and actionable insights.

  • If an Agent is marked Away due to the idle time configuration, they can select a Reason upon return. In this case, the AGENT_STATUS/WENT_AWAY event will not have a Reason provided, but the AGENT_STATUS/RETURNED_FROM_AWAY event will.
  • If an Agent is auto-logged out due to the idle time configuration, the  Away period will not have a corresponding AGENT_STATUS/RETURNED_FROM_AWAY event.
  • An Agent can go Away while still leaving one or more Channel Types as "Available." In this case, when the Agent goes Away, their availability is automatically set to no Channels and will issue an AGENT_AVAILABILTY/UPDATED event. When they return from Away, their availability will automatically reset to the previous Channel type(s), and a corresponding AGENT_AVAILABILTY/UPDATED event is recorded.

Take Action

Once you understand the report, you can take action and make improvements.

Unusual Agent Events 

Are you noticing some Agents with unusual events? Some "unusual" events may include:

  • Multiple AGENT_STATUS/LOGGED_OUT and AGENT_STATUS/LOGGED_IN Type. Are you seeing some Agents logging in and out numerous times outside of their regular breaks? Consider working with Agents to understand why.
  • Multiple AGENT_STATUS/WENT_AWAY and AGENT_STATUS/RETURNED_FROM_AWAY Type. Outside of regular breaks, if you see an unusually high number of "away" events, try to understand why Agents are doing this. For example, are they using the Away status to receive more time between working with Customers?


How is Away time attributed? 

AGENT_STATUS/WENT_AWAY and AGENT_STATUS/RETURNED_FROM_AWAY show the reason selected upon going away. Both types should show the same reason unless they change why they went away before coming back where AGENT_STATUS/RETURNED_FROM_AWAY will show the updated reason. The first reason selected (even if they changed their reason upon returning) is used in the Agent Duration report.

Good to Know

  • This report can also be generated via API. See our Developer Docs for more details.
  • CSV download of this report is limited to 100k rows.
  • Listed below are related reports we recommend you use alongside this report:
    • Agent Durations
    • Agent Login Time
    • Agent Away Time
    • Agent Available Time

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