Agent Away Time
  • 21 Jul 2022
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Agent Away Time

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The Agent Away Time report is used to track when Agents are Away. Use this report to check how Agents are adhering to their schedules as it relates to going on an Away state in Gladly.

How Data in the report is measured

The report is measured by the following:


  • Grouped by Agent.

Time Anchor

  • Data is time anchored using time across different "buckets" or time granularities specified in the report filters.

Metrics used for the Agent Away Time report

Click on the description to review the definition of each metric and how it's used to calculate data.

DateThe date of when the Agent went Away.
Agent IDGladly ID for the Agent.
Agent NameThe name of the Agent.
Away Time (Minutes)The total time (in minutes) the Agent spent in an Away state on a specific day.

How the Agent Away Time report is filtered

Use these filters to modify the data in your report. Using a combination of filters will also provide more targeted results. You can learn more about filters here.


  • List all Agents who were Away on the specified date or date range.


  • Represents Agents on an Away state for that given time granularity, as selected in the Rollup.


  • When filtering by team, you will see all the Agents currently assigned to that team.

How to use the Agent Away Time report

The Agent Away Time report can provide multiple data points based on how you slice and dice the data. Below are a couple of examples:

ScenarioColumn Filters
Which Agents are spending the most time in an Away state?
  • Select the desired date/range
  • Select the results rollup 
Click Download CSV and use Away Time (minutes) column to sort from longest to shortest and use the Agent Name column to associate the time with an Agent.


What can I do if some Agents are consistently spending too much time away?

Think about the following If you notice that some of your Agents are spending more time in an Away state than they should be.

  • Combine the results of this report with the Agent Login Time report. You can calculate the Utilized Time for Agents (Login Time minus Away Time).
  • Work with Agents to understand why they are on an extended Away state that is not scheduled. For example, are they mistakenly using the status as a time to work on projects outside of Gladly?
  • Are Agents being asked to do extra-curricular things to help others that require them to go on an Away state in Gladly?
  • Do Agents forget to log out at the end of the day and are automatically placed in an Away state?

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