Invoice and Billing Overview
  • 12 Dec 2022
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Invoice and Billing Overview

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Use this document to help understand the types of invoices you may get from Gladly and what to expect in each one. 

Types of invoice

There are four main types of invoices that you may receive from Gladly. The invoices you will receive depend on what functionality you are using and how you use your licenses. For example, if you are not using Gladly Voice and do not have an IVR, you will not receive a telephony invoice.

  • Subscription Invoice – This is for your subscription to Gladly and will be billed at the cadence agreed upon in your Order Form.
  • Monthly Telephony Invoice – Costs associated with your IVR and Gladly Voice utilization.
  • Quarterly True-Up Invoice – User activity that exceeds the seat licenses you originally contracted for. True-Ups may also include charges for other product functionality, like Chat Payments and pay-per-use features, if applicable.
  • Renewal Invoice – Upon renewal, you will receive a new invoice for your contracted seats or user months, as negotiated in your agreement.

Types of Users

There are four billable user types in Gladly: Support Users, Task Users, Analyst Users, and Information Users. As an added benefit, you only get invoiced for Support, Tasks, and Analyst Users; all Information Users are currently free of charge. How do we tell the difference between these user types? We look at each user's activity.

Support Users are those who use Gladly to communicate with a Customer or client.

  • Examples include: sending an email, chat, or SMS, or taking a phone call from Gladly.

Task Users are those who only process tasks in Gladly and do not communicate directly with the Customer.

  • Examples include: changing due dates, updating content, re-opening a task, closing a task, or reassigning a task. Task Users are billed at a reduced rate because they do not communicate with the Customer or client. If they do, not a problem! They will then be billed as a Support User.

Information Users are those who use Gladly for admin purposes. If an Information user communicates with a Customer or processes a Task (see examples above), then they will be billed as a Support or Task User, respectively.

  • Examples include: running reports, viewing Liveboards, monitoring Agent activity, submitting support requests, or changing configurations in Gladly. If Information Users have these types of activities only, you will not be charged.

We evaluate your users compared to your contract monthly and then bill quarterly.

  • If a user's activity puts you over your licenses at any time during the month, you will see that reflected for that month in your quarterly True-Up Invoice. For example, if you hire a temp for two weeks during the holidays and this hire exceeds your contracted seat count, that is billed as a True-Up Invoice.
  • Billing is not dependent on the roles or permissions you have assigned in Gladly (e.g., Administrator, Agent, Team Manager) with the exception of the Analyst role. Roles are used to assign permissions to users in the system which includes giving Analysts access to Insight Builder.
    • For example, an Agent user role does not have the ability to download or delete call recordings, whereas a Compliance Administrator role does have that ability. You can find more details on the permissions attached to each role here. However, we bill based on user activity. So, in this example, if an Administrator starts sending emails to your end-customer(s), they will be billed as a Support User for that month on your quarterly True-Up Invoice.

Analyst Users are those who have access to Insight Builder to build and edit reports and create and share dashboards. They also have access to view and generate reports using Gladly's out-of-the-box reports.

  • The Analyst user role appears on the Users settings page once Insight Builder is activated. The charge for Insight Builder is based on the Analyst User license count. The cost per license is $240/Analyst user/month.
  • Insight Builder is an add-on feature that requires at least one Analyst user permissioned at all times to keep the feature active in Gladly. Refer to your existing Order Form for pricing details if you already have Insight Builder in Gladly. Otherwise, if you're interested in activating Insight Builder, contact your CSM (if you have one) or fill out the Insight Builder Order Form. For more FAQs, see How do I activate Insight Builder.
    • The Order Form includes the number of Analyst user licenses you can assign to Users. Unassigning the Analyst role from a user(s), leaving no user(s) assigned the role does not stop billing for the number of Analyst licenses as contracted in the Order Form.
    • Additional Analyst licenses may be assigned to users. It's as simple as assigning the Analyst role to a new or existing user through Users settings.
      • If the number of assigned Analyst roles exceeds the number of licenses in the Order Form in a given month, those additional licenses will be charged as a True-Up.
    • Non-Analyst users who have access to reports (Team Managers and Administrators) can view shared dashboards without additional cost.

As it relates to invoicing, Analyst roles are tracked and billed differently than other roles in Glady. For example, Support and Task Users are billed based on activity. This means you're not billed unless a Support user sends an email, or a Task User works on a Task. Analyst roles on the other hand are license-based, which means you are billed for the license (per Analyst user) regardless of utilization.

Chat transactions

Chat Payment allows you to complete sales by accepting payment over chat. Gladly charges $0.25 per payment transaction and is a line item in your fiscal-quarterly True-Up invoice.

Subscription invoices

This is typically the first invoice you'll receive from Gladly and includes fees for your Subscription to Gladly and any Professional Services fees associated with your implementation. You will be billed at the cadence agreed upon in your Order Form in the Subscription Terms & Conditions section.

Telephony invoices

Gladly bills you for the type and amount of telephony services you use.

Examples include inbound and outbound calls, messaging with SMS/MMS, speech recognition in your IVR, forwarding legs, etc.

  • Active call time — which includes callers being on hold — is billed on a per-minute basis. Your rates also depend on the type of phone number you have and where you are calling from. Toll-free numbers incur higher per-minute rates than local numbers. Each country also has a different rate.
  • If active, automatic mobile phone number identification charges are appended to telephony invoices. Twilio charges a per-lookup fee for the API used to allow automatic mobile number identification.
  • The rate for Voice Input Phrase used in certain IVR nodes is found here.
  • Invoices reflect the rate and the volume used for the month and are billed monthly.
  • Programmable Messaging in your telephony invoice shows the total of SMSes sent from Gladly, SMS API calls made, and the number of segments for all SMSes. Gladly reports like the Contact Summary report shows the total number of SMS messages sent, but it does not include a further breakdown of how many segments each SMS message breaks down to. For example, one SMS message that contains 480 characters (GSM encoding) is three Segments — each segment is charged the per message rate on the invoice — but the Contact Summary report shows that only one message was sent.

True-up invoices

When you signed your Order Form, it specified a certain number of seat licenses or user months purchased. If at any time during a quarter you exceed that licensed amount, we charge what is called a True-Up for those extra licenses used. These invoices typically go out within the first week following our quarter-end date (Gladly's quarters end on April 30, July 31, October 31, and January 31). These will be sent to the Accounts Payable contact noted on your Order Form. 

True-up invoices include pay-per-use feature charges.

`One of the policies we have, which benefits our customers, is that we bill these overages at the same price as your contracted rate — no premiums or fractional mark-ups!

Pay-per-use feature

Self-Service Threads — specifically referring to the “Where is my order?” (WISMO) Thread use case — is a pay-per-use feature and is charged on a per Resolution* basis and invoiced quarterly, alongside True-Up invoices.

  • Resolution* is defined as when a Customer views their order status in Sidekick and concludes the interaction without any Agent involvement. In a Thread, an interaction is deemed resolved if the Customer agrees to the “When the question has been answered” question, thus ending the chat interaction.
  • There is no fee to set up a Thread.

Each interaction deemed resolved without needing Agent intervention is charged at a rate of $2.25 per Resolution. Resolution is billed monthly, but invoices are generated quarterly along with any True-Up invoices. This means the invoice will contain three months (one quarter) of successful Resolutions.

  • Interactions where the Customer continues to speak to an Agent on the same Thread are not charged.
  • See the Self-Service Thread reports to gather insights on the number of Resolutions.

Renewal invoices

Your renewal notice will be sent as you approach the end of your contract term, as dictated in your Order Form. You will receive a new invoice for your Subscription to Gladly upon renewal, as negotiated in your original agreement.

You will receive an email notification before your opt-out period (usually 60 days before your contract expiration) to inform you that your renewal is coming due. Any questions regarding your renewal can be directed to either the Customer Success team or the Finance team.

Invoices are sent from If you have any questions about the invoices you receive from Gladly, you can send your questions to

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