Activate Mobile Phone Number Identification
  • 05 Oct 2022
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Activate Mobile Phone Number Identification

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When Customers call using a mobile device, Gladly doesn’t necessarily know that they are calling from a mobile phone number. If they are calling for the first time and there’s no existing Customer Profile, a new one is created using their phone number set as Other. If they later send an SMS using the same number, a new Customer Profile is also created using the same phone number, but this time, the number is automatically tagged as Mobile + SMS. It’s the same Customer, but now the Profile requires a merge. Activating Mobile Phone Number Identification ensures mobile numbers are detected, the number is set as Mobile, and future calls do not create a new Customer Profile reducing the number of duplicate Profiles. This feature also reduces the number of orphaned Customer Profiles and the notification of possible matching Profiles.

See why 'Mobile' phone numbers are considered unique and can only be associated with one Customer Profile for an in-depth explanation of why mobile numbers are considered unique.

  1. Click the menu icon on the top left corner of the screen.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Under the Orchestration category, click Mobile Phone Number Identification.
  4. Toggle the Mobile Phone Number Identification setting off/on.
    • Note – This feature is active by default. While you can deactivate it anytime, do note that you’ll lose the benefit of associating inbound mobile calls to a Customer’s unique Customer Profile where historical interactions may already exist.

The following occurs once Mobile Phone Number Identification is activated.

  • One Profile associated with a phone number – After the Mobile Phone Number Identification setting is activated, existing phone numbers that are set as Other (excluding Home, Office) and already associated with a Customer Profile (just one Profile) that is detected as a mobile number are automatically set as Mobile. Future calls will be associated with the Customer Profile with the mobile number.
    • Note – If there are multiple Profiles, but only one Profile has the mobile number set as Other, then the phone number in that Profile is changed to Mobile.
  • Multiple Profiles associated with the phone number – At the time the Mobile Phone Number Identification setting is activated, existing phone numbers set as Home, Office, or Other associated that are associated with more than one Customer Profile — even if the phone number is detected as a mobile number — is not automatically set as Mobile.
Note - Mobile Phone Number Identification includes additional telephony fees
Twilio charges a per-lookup fee for the API used to allow automatic mobile number identification. Phone numbers already tagged as Mobile, Home, or Office are not looked up again as it’s deemed identified in Gladly. See Invoices and Billing for additional details.

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