What is Liveboards?
  • 16 Jul 2021
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What is Liveboards?

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Liveboards provide live updates on how your contact center is performing, what your Agents are doing, and the trending Topics your Customers are reaching out about. Liveboards are refreshed with the latest data every 30 seconds.

Through Liveboards, you have the information you need to react fast when you need to. Maybe there’s a sudden spike in incoming phone calls. With Liveboards, you know the next move is to have Agents take on calls so hold times come down and Customers are happier.

Types of Liveboards

There are three main types of Liveboards in Gladly:

  1. Summary – The Summary Liveboard gives you a high-level snapshot of how your contact center is performing as a whole right now.
  2. Agent – Lets you see which Agents are actively helping a Customer, what channel they are currently working on, and who’s Away.
  3. Topic – Provides real-time tracking of what Topics your Customers are talking about in Gladly.
  4. People Match Provides real-time tracking of why Customers are being matched to Agents.

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