Reopen a Closed Conversation
  • 27 Jan 2023
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Reopen a Closed Conversation

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Conversations are deemed closed when you classify a Conversation using the Close & Next, Close, or Close buttonConversations are usually reopened when a particular issue is not fully resolved or is missing additional information to close fully. 

You have options to consider when reopening a Conversation:

  1. Reopen the Conversation
  2. Create a new Conversation

Reopen a closed Conversation

If you try reaching out to a Customer by phone, email, or messaging (i.e., SMS) from a recently closed Conversation, you'll first be notified that the Conversation is already closed and are given the option to reopen the Conversation or create a new one. 

  1. From the Customer's Profile with the closed Conversation, click the Gladly + icon. 
  2. Start your reply to the Customer via email, voice, chat, SMS, or the preferred communication Channel by the Customer.
  3. Upon sending your message or starting a voice call, a modal will appear with the option to reopen the Conversation. Click Reopen
    • Click Create New if the reason you are reaching out to the Customer is unrelated to the previously closed Conversation.
  4. At this point, the Conversation is either reopened or a new one is created, but the phone call, email, or message you're trying to send has not been completed. You must click Call, Send Email, etc., to continue. If you don't complete your outgoing request, the Conversation will remain Open and will not be routable to any Inbox or Agent as long as you are the owner of the Conversation.

Customers reopening a Conversation

A Customer can automatically reopen a recently closed Conversation if they contact you again within the Conversation reopen window. Contact your Administrator or Team Manager to find out what this time threshold is. If they are calling back about the same issue, continue to work on the Conversation until you can close it again.

If they contact you about a new issue unrelated to the previously closed Conversation, which has now been reopened, add a new topic related to the new issue to the reopened Conversation. Continue to work on the Conversation until you can close it again.

Tip - Reopened Conversations using an unknown contact detail
If a Customer uses a Contact Detail (phone number, email address, etc.) that is currently not associated with their Customer Profile in Gladly, you will need to combine the new Conversation with the Customer Profile identified in Gladly.

Create a new Conversation

Once a previous Conversation is closed, a new Conversation is automatically created when a Customer reaches out outside of the Conversation reopen window

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