Missed Call Notification
  • 01 Nov 2022
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Missed Call Notification

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The missed call notification banner appears if:

  • You miss a call attempting to route to you.
  • The Customer hangs up while the call is being routed.
  • The call ended because of an error.

Clicking Close dismisses the notification or automatically dismisses itself after 15 seconds.

A call is classified as missed if there is no action taken on the call, like accepting or declining the call or ignoring the call. And without going unavailable for Voice, another call is routed seconds later as configured on the After Call Work setting.

If you see this notification and are unsure why you missed the call, go through the checklist below.

Is your sound working?

Are you missing the incoming call notification because you do not hear the sound notification? Make sure your browser sound settings are correctly configured.

Do you have Gladly open on multiple tabs?

  • Running Gladly on multiple browser tabs could create duplicate sessions and affect the call routing function. Make sure you only have Gladly running on one browser tab. 
  • To avoid leaving Gladly to view another web page, we suggest using another browser (e.g., Firefox, Microsoft Edge) for other web pages you need to keep open and use Chrome exclusively for Gladly.

Are you experiencing network issues?

Transient (local) network issues could cause calls not to route properly or generate sound notifications. In this situation, Gladly reroutes the call to another Agent.

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