Manage Agent Idle Timing
  • 14 Jan 2021
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Manage Agent Idle Timing

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Normally, Agents will need to select an Away Reason when they need to step away from helping Customers. This could be for training, a lunch hour, or just a quick break.

If an Agent forgets to change their availability status by going Away, Gladly can automatically put the Agent in an idle state. You can choose to mark the Agent as Away, then automatically log them off after a certain amount of time.


How idle activity is monitored

Gladly monitors the movement of the mouse cursor. If it doesn’t move after a certain time threshold, Idle Timing settings will kick in.

Manage Idle Timing

  1. Click on the Menu icon located on the top left corner of your screen.
  2. Click on More Settings located under Settings.
  3. Under Agent Experience, select Idle Timing.
  4. The Idle Timing page will allow you to configure the Idle Time value before an Agent’s status is changed.
  5. Enter the value for the following fields:
    • Time Until Away – Time in minutes when an Agent will be automatically marked Away.
    • Time Until Logged Off – Time in minutes when an Agent will be automatically logged off.
  6. Click Save when you're done.
Tip - Idle time settings

Refrain from setting a very short idle time as it may disrupt Agent workflow while helping Customers. This may require a bit of trial and error until you find the time value that doesn't disrupt your Agents.

 If an Agent is automatically put on an Away state, upon returning, they will be asked to select a reason why they were Away.


If an Agent is automatically logged out, they will need to log in again. Use the Agent Away Time report for additional insight regarding Agents and the Away status.

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