Your First Day on Gladly
  • 27 Jan 2022
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Your First Day on Gladly

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The first day of using new software can be exciting and nerve-racking at the same time. But don't worry, we're here to help and make sure that your first day goes smoothly! This guide is a collection of activities and actions you should keep top of mind as you get used to using Gladly, especially on your first day. If you're working as an Agent, you can find a collection of helpful information under the Work in Gladly section of the help site.

Complete Academy certifcation

If you haven't already, make sure to sign up and complete the necessary training certification in the Academy specific to your role in Gladly.

You can come back to the Academy (or the help site) anytime to learn more about various Gladly topics and feature offerings.

Log into Gladly

Enter your credentials on the login page. Check with your Manager if you don't know how to get to your login page.

Forgot your password

If you forget your password one day, click the Forget link and follow the instructions to reset your password.

Forgot your username

It happens to the best of us. If you forgot your username, ask your Manager to confirm your username.

Note - Do not run Gladly on multiple browser tabs
Make sure you only have one instance of Gladly running on one browser tab. Do not run Gladly on multiple browser tabs, which could create undesired behaviors.

Set up your profile

Your Agent profile contains basic information about you. Set up your Agent profile when you log into Gladly for the first time.

Greeting and Signature

Select your email greeting and signature. Not sure what to select? Just ask your Manager.

Get ready to help Customers

When you log in for the day to help Customers, you must always be available to accept work from a particular Channel. Just click the Availability Control for a particular Channel until it's green. You'll receive work from Inboxes you are assigned to.

Accept messages and phone calls

If an incoming call or chat is routed to you because you are available to receive work in those Channels, you'll see a notification banner. Just click Accept 

Accept other messages

Not everything is routed to you automatically. For some Channels, you have to select Next to receive more work, including emails, SMSs (aka text), Facebook Messages, Tasks, and voicemails. Just make sure you are marked as Available (green bubble) for the Messaging Channel. 

The maximum number of messaging Customers you can request to help by clicking Next depends on your team's maximum messaging capacity setting.

Composition Screen

Get to know the Composition Screen to compose replies, Notes, and Tasks.

Manage your work

You'll be all over Gladly in no time helping Customers in different Channels, managing Tasks, and more! Just make sure to manage and monitor your My Customers list actively. The My Customers list is made up of Conversations and Tasks assigned to you.

Use the green dot indicator to quickly track recent activities to Customers and Tasks you own that need attention.

A green dot next to a Customer means could be:

  • a call you're currently on, 
  • a new email is received from a Customer, 
  • a new SMS came in from a Customer you're assigned to, 
  • or a chat reply is awaiting your response. 

Keep in mind that the green dot also means:

  • The SLA for the request has not been fulfilled.
  • The due date (SLA) appears in red when it's 5 minutes before the due date and when it has passed.

The green dot disappears when you respond.

Tip - Check the icon to confirm the Channel
The icon next to the Customer indicates which Channel they last used to interact with you.

View Task Notifications

Keep up with updates to Tasks you follow or are assigned to you.

  • A red dot appears next to the bell icon whenever there's a new update. The red dot disappears when the list is opened but reappears when there's a new update.
  • Click on a Task from the list to view the Task in the related Customer Profile.

Use Answers

Use Answers to find information about your team's processes and policies, plus information you can share with Customers. 

Close Conversations

Before you close any Conversation, make sure to apply the Topic for the Conversation. A Topic can apply based on the context of the Conversation automatically. If the Topic is incorrect, feel free to change it.

Take a Break

If you need to step away from helping Customers for a break, lunch, or meeting, make sure to change your status, so Customers are not inadvertently routed to you when you are not around. Select what you'll do while away, then click Confirm.

Log out for the day

Make sure to log out of Gladly when you are done helping Customers for the day.

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