What are 'Out Of The Box' (OOTB) reports?
  • 14 Apr 2022
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What are 'Out Of The Box' (OOTB) reports?

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Gladly offers two types of reporting:

OOTB Reports

Gladly's out-of-the-box reports are built into the UI and allow you to answer pointed questions based on a specific scenario. For example, the Agent Away Time report tracks when Agents are Away. Or the Abandoned Calls in IVR report can help you understand where Customers are leaving your Interactive Voice System (IVR). Each report comes with a set of filters that allow you to manipulate the results. OOTB reports produce results using a specific Time Anchor and you can't add or remove metrics for the report. A list of OOTB reports is found in the Reports section of Gladly.

Use OOTB reports if you want answers to specific questions fast. You can also download or export OOTB reports and even pull reports by API for analysis using other reporting tools.

Insight Builder

Insight Builder is an add-on feature that allows you to build reports as you see fit. Unlike OOTB reports, where it uses a specific Time Anchor or uses a particular set of metrics, Insight Builder allows you to mix and match metrics and use different Time Anchors — it's a way to create reports the way you want it.

See What is Insight Builder to learn more.

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