Track Proactive Email Campaign Status
  • 04 Oct 2022
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Track Proactive Email Campaign Status

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Track the status of your Proactive Email Campaigns as they are executed.

  1. Click the menu icon on the top left corner of the screen.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Under the Proactive Conversations category, click Proactive Email.
  4. The Proactive Email page lists Email Campaign(s) that have been created.
  5. To the right of the Campaign you created, click the kebab icon (three dots), then click Edit Recipients.
  6. The page displays outreach statuses for all Email Campaigns.
  7. A Campaign's outreach recipient lists are bucketed into the following status groups.
    • Scheduled – Campaign recipient list that has been saved but outreach has not started because it's scheduled to begin at a later date/time.
    • In Progress – In progress outreach for the recipient lists and emails actively being sent out. Suppose you have 11 recipients and seven have been contacted, then you'll see 7/11 in the Progress column,
      • Tip – Gladly systematically limits the number of outbound email communications to avoid emails being flagged as spam.
    • Completed –  Completed Campaign outreach. It could be that the entire recipient list has been contacted, or there was a specified end date/time for the Campaign regardless if the entire list was contacted or not (depending on the # of recipients, the number of emails sent per day, and the length of the Campaign).
    • Stopped – Campaign outreach that was in progress or scheduled but has been canceled.
    • Click on the status tab to view the recipient list with the related status. Each column contains the following information:
      • Created On – The date an outreach recipient list was created.
      • CSV File Name – Displays the file name of the recipient list uploaded via CSV.
      • Status – Shows the status of the Campaign: Scheduled, In Progress, Completed, or Cancelled.
      • Progress – Display the number of emails sent against the number of recipients on the CSV. It’s one email per recipient.

Proactive Email Campaign updates in the Conversation Timeline

Customers included in an outreach show the email Campaign message they received in their Conversation Timeline.

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