Test IVR Updates
  • 08 Nov 2021
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Test IVR Updates

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Recently created or updated (unpublished) IVRs can be tested before they go live. You can run a simulation of the IVR experience by having the system call you and interact with the IVR you built or updated.

  1. Click Test on the top of the IVR tree.
  2. +1 (USA) is selected by default. Click the flag to choose a different country code. You can also enter the E.164 format number.
    • Note - E.164 format looks like this:
  3. Click OK. You'll receive a call after a few seconds. When you answer the call, you'll hear your IVR just as a Customer would.
    • Test calls may come from a random phone number in your organization.
    • Connecting to Agents or voicemail may not work as expected while testing.
  4. Follow the call's flow in your IVR tree as you interact with it to make it easier to spot nodes you may need to fix.

Once you've confirmed that the IVR is configured to your liking, publish the IVR.

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