Set Up Priority Boost Scenarios for People Match
  • 10 Jun 2022
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Set Up Priority Boost Scenarios for People Match

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Create scenarios that allow you to prioritize matching the right Customers — using boosts — to the next available Agent.

Before you start

Before you add scenarios, we recommend that you first review the following:

  • Remember that the number of scenarios a Customer matches and its boost size score is used to determine who to route first to the next available Agent.
  • Review What is People Match.
  • Review the types of Conditions you can use as a boost.
  • Remember to click Enable Changes to apply any changes you make to a boost.

Prepare to use People Match

Think through scenarios where you'd want to prioritize Customers. As yourself questions like:

  • What Customer scenarios do we have today where People Match can create a positive impact?
  • Do we have the right data (e.g., attributes, text detection, etc.) to help identify these Customers and build scenarios around them?

We suggest you review existing custom attributes you have to understand what scenarios you can build off on

Tip - Keep in mind that boost scores are additive
You don't have to cram every condition on a single boost as all criteria in a boost must be met for a boost to apply. If it makes sense, create separate boosts to make multiple Conditions and apply the appropriate Boost Size. For example, instead of having Channel and Skills Conditions on the same boost, consider creating separate boosts instead to apply a higher Boost Size on one Condition over the other.

Add scenarios as Priority Boosts

  1. Click the menu icon on the top left corner of the screen.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Under the Orchestration category, click People Match. The People Match page will show you a list of match scenarios you currently have.
    • If you're setting up People Match for the first time, you'll see a couple of out-of-the-box scenarios already in place. You can edit these scenarios or create your own and enable them when you're ready.
  4. Click Add Priority Boost.
  5. From the Add Priority Boost screen, enter the following information:
    • Name – Enter a name that describes the reason for this boost.
      • This name will be shown to Agents when matched and will also be used in Liveboards and reporting. We recommend a short, clear name that will be understood by Agents and Managers alike.
    • Criteria – Select the desired Condition(s) for the scenario. For example, to boost chat Customers that are due in 15 minutes, you can use [Channel] is [Chat] and [Due Date is] [Due in] 15 minutes.
    • Boost Size – Select a boost size option for Customers who match the scenario: Small, Medium, Large, Very Large.
  6. Click Save Priority Boost, and you'll be taken back to the People Match page. You'll notice that your new Priority Boost is displayed in the list along with "Change made" under the Notes column.
    • Every time a scenario is added, edited, archived, or unarchived, "Change made" appears in the Notes column, indicating a change was made but hasn't been applied/enabled.
  7. Important! Click Enable Changes to apply your updates.
    • You must always Enable Changes every time a boost is updated.
    • Enable Changes is not clickable (gray state) if there are no changes that need to be applied.

It may take a minute for your changes to apply. Wait at least a minute or so before making new edits and enabling additional changes.

Note - Don't forget to click 'Enable Changes'
Updates to boosts are not applied until you click "Enable Changes."

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