SEO for Help Center
  • 18 Feb 2022
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SEO for Help Center

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Help Center and its contents (Public Answers) are optimized to improve SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ranking without requiring additional configuration. This will help your Customers find your self-service help information by using a search engine like Google. 

Help Center SEO feature summary

  • An index page is automatically generated with links to all Answers. This helps search engines find all the pages and Answers in your Help Center.
  • The Answer title is automatically included in the URL and HTML <title> tag to boost the score of Answer pages.
  • A link to the main page is automatically included on every Answer page.

See the section below to learn how Help Center contents are optimized for SEO.

Public Answer Slug

The Help Center URL and the slug are automatically generated. A sample URL would like: title---id--answer ID

  • answer title is the title of your Public Answer. To update the Answer title slug, you must update the title of the Answer.
  • answer ID used to identify the Answer is automatically generated.

By including the title of the public Answer in the URL slug, you have more words that can rank for SEO. For example, if the URL of your Public Answer in the Help Center is:

  • The slug /refund-processing-times will be used by search engines to rank the content. The words refund, processing, times are used to determine which page your content will land in search engine results.
Note - Answer URL slug
The URL slug of an Answer is tied and hard-coded to the title of the Public Answer. To change the slug, you must change the title. 

Index Page for SEO

To further improve how your Help Center contents are ranked, an index page that contains all of your Public Answers for the Help Center is automatically added to your Help Center. Clicking on the See more results link in your Help Center will take you to the index page.

Customize and style the 'See more results' link

Customize the "See more results" name through the Help Center configuration page.

Tip - Help Center structure and SEO
Visit our developer site to learn how the structure of the Help Center affects SEO.

Multi-language Answers and Indexing for SEO

The same indexing rules apply to multi-language Answers, where the title is used as the slug. Answers in each respective language will have its own index page. For example, let's look at Retalé's Help Center for an Answer about Refund Policy:

US Site

  • Refund and Policy will be used to rank the content.
  • The index page for the US site will list an Answer that says "Refund Policy."

German Siteückgaberechts---id--cP7KnMt7TUuj9WahkXUxcg

  • Rückgaberechts will be used to rank the content.
  • The index page for the German site will list an Answer that says "Rückgaberechts."

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