IVR Templates
  • 07 Dec 2021
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IVR Templates

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Build an IVR from scratch by connecting and configuring nodes to attain a particular flow for incoming calls so your callers can get to the right team or Agent that can help them. Although building your own IVR requires a bit more time and knowledge, especially if you have never built one before, IVR templates make it easier to build and configure your IVR without having to start from scratch.

What are IVR templates

IVR templates are out-of-the-box, pre-configured IVRs with nodes designed to accomplish a particular flow. For example, the Basic IVR is pre-built with nodes that allow you to receive customer calls with minimal customizations. Proactive Voice template is a set of nodes designed to be used with Proactive Voice

A template can consist of many nodes, a few, or just one. 

When using templates, you'll still need to ensure that each node is configured to match your requirements (e.g., custom message, hours, input, etc.).

The IVR templates currently available are:

  • Basic IVR – Standard IVR flow that includes greeting, ability to route to an Inbox, option to leave a message, and option to receive support via SMS.
  • Proactive Voice – Use to power Proactive Voice campaigns. If a Voicemail is detected when placing a Proactive Voice call, a message is left for the Customer to playback later. Otherwise, the Customer is sent into the queue to speak with an Agent.
  • Voicemail Only – Use for Voicemail-only phone numbers. It's useful if you'd like to take Voicemails only and then call back Customers during business hours.
  • Message Only – Play a message when a Customer calls in. It's useful if you'd like to deprecate a phone number or tell Customers how to contact you using an alternate method.

How to insert an IVR template

See Start from an existing IVR template to learn how to insert a template.

A template can be inserted into a blank IVR on its own or branch off an existing node in the IVR.

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