Interact With Reports
  • 15 Dec 2021
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Interact With Reports

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Depending on the type of report you generate, you may see different kinds of graphs, and possibly a data table to help you visualize your data.


Whether its a line graph or a bar graph, simply hover your mouse over the graph to see more information.


  • When hovering over a graph, the date format you’ll on the UI is YYYY-MM-DD, and the date on the X-axis is MM-DD.

On some reports, right below the graph, you can also click on the report specific filters to hide or show data on the graph.



Use the table view to help you cross-reference data your report. The data on the table will, of course, differ based on the type of report you generated


  • Note – Tables are limited to displaying 5k rows in the UI. You must export the report as a CSV to see the rest of the rows. Also, rows with no data (null) will not be displayed.

On certain reports, the table will have a Customer Link column. Clicking on View Customer will take you directly to the Customer’s Profile in Gladly.


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