Collect Payment Over Chat
  • 01 Jul 2022
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Collect Payment Over Chat

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With Chat Payment, you'll enhance your Customer shopping experience by not only helping them process their order online but also saving them time by collecting card payments over chat, including gift cards.

When a Customer sends their payment information over chat, you will need to manually process their order and card payment through your OMS (Order Management System), eCommerce, or any other order/payment processing system your company uses.

Collect card information for payment

1. When the Customer confirms that they are ready to pay for the order they placed with you over chat, from the Chat Composition Screen, click the credit card icon on the right side of the screen.

2. The Credit Card Request fields will appear on the Composition Screen. Enter the following information:

  • Amount to charge – Enter the order total (including taxes where applicable) from your order/payment processing system.
  • Reason for charge – Provide a short description of the payment. The Customer will see this detail when you send them the payment request.

3. Click Request to send the payment form to the Customer over chat. You will be asked to confirm your request. Click Send. You will see the "Waiting for Customer" status appear in the Conversation Timeline. 

4. In the Customer's chat window, they will see the payment request, the order total, and the reason for the payment request. They can click Decline or Enter Payment

5. The Customer must click Enter Payment to see the card payment information screen, where they can then enter their payment information:

  • Credit card number
  • The name as it appears on their card
  • Expiration date
  • Security code
Tip - Chat payment security feature
If a Customer accidentally enters their payment information through the regular chat window (not the secure form), the card information is automatically masked.

6. The Pay button will be clickable once they complete all the required fields. When the Customer clicks Pay to send their payment information, the card appears on the Conversation Timeline. 

7. On the Conversation Timeline, click View Card to see the card details. The card information that the Customer provided will appear. Copy and paste the card information to your order/payment processing system to process the payment and complete the order. 

  • You may need the Customer's home address to complete the payment. Current Customers usually have this information in the Customer Contact section in Gladly.
  • If they're a new Customer, make sure to update their Customer Contact details in Gladly. You may need to enter the rest of their information to process the payment in your order/payment processing system.
  • Only you (the Agent chatting with the Customer) can access the card information.
Watch Out - Time limit to process payment

You have limited time to view and process the payment in your payment processing system. This time is configurable and can be up to 30 minutes. If you cannot process the payment on time and the screen times out, you will need to resubmit the request and ask the Customer to provide the card information again.

8. Once the order is complete and the payment is processed in your order/payment processing system, click Mark as Completed. The Customer will see a "Payment Accepted" notice in the chat window. This completes the payment transaction. You can send the Customer a confirmation email, number, or anything else they need about their order.

Payment processing statuses

WAITING FOR CUSTOMER – "Agent" requested credit/debit card information and waiting for the Customer to enter the card details.

  • This appears when you send a payment request to the Customer.

VIEW CARD – The Customer submitted their card details.

  • Clicking "View Card" will show you the card details, which you can copy and paste into your order/payment processing system.

REQUEST EXPIRED – "Agent" sends a payment request, but the Customer does not respond.

  • If the Customer does not respond to a payment request, the request will expire.

CUSTOMER DECLINED PAYMENT - The Customer declined the payment request.

  • This happens when the Customer clicks Decline on the payment request modal.

TRY AGAIN – The payment request failed to be sent.

  • If you try sending a payment request to the Customer, but the request fails. Click "Try Again" to resend the payment request.

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