What is Answers?
  • 21 Sep 2021
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What is Answers?

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Available in eLearning format in the Academy.

Answers is one of the most powerful tools in the Gladly toolbelt to help empower your Agents and provide Customers with a high-quality, consistent experience no matter the Channel or Agent they reach out from. Answers can also be used as the source of public information for your Help Center and Sidekick.

With Answers, Agents can access your company’s rich wealth of knowledge in a matter of seconds without ever having to leave the Customer’s Profile. Plus, with our consolidated multi-channel, multi-language, and multi-audience Answers, Agents can feel confident and supported managing many Channels, languages/locales, and different brands simultaneously.

Instead of dealing with multiple tabs or windows, Answers appear on the same screen as your Conversation.

Answers by Channel

Answers can be tailored according to Channel. Based on the Answer type used, you can create Answers specifically tailored for use in your messaging Channel (e.g., SMS, chat, Facebook Messenger, etc.) or email.

Answers by Language

All Answer types can be created in many languages. For example, a messaging Answer type can be created in English, Spanish, Japanese, and German. This gives you the flexibility to have your content tailored to suit the language they’re speaking — that means longer, more detailed answers on email, and shorter, more to-the-point Answers for messaging Channels like SMS, Facebook Messenger, and chat, no matter what country the Customer is contacting you from.

Answers by Audience

Answers can be created for different audiences with tailored content specific to other business units, brands, or segments you support through Gladly. For example, if you are a multi-brand company and Brand A is the parent company, but you also have Customers from Brand B and Brand C interacting with you through Gladly, Answers specific to each brand (or audience) allows you to single-source Answers content in one place, which can also be used across Help Centers and Sidekicks created for each brand.

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