What are 'Data Dips'?
  • 17 Mar 2023
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What are 'Data Dips'?

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What's a data dip?

Data dips allow you to pull Customer information and different types of data directly from the IVR. Some use cases of data dip include:

  • Verifying your Customer's identity automatically through the IVR by looking up your Customer information in your Master Data. 
  • Providing order status and information by "dipping" into your OMS system.
  • Looking up the status of a flight by looking at a flight information system

You've likely heard data dips in action. Think about the last time you called your credit card company. You might have heard their IVR say something like, "Are you calling about the account ending in 1234?" This is the IVR "dipping" into the company's information system to look up and relay information through the IVR using your phone number to try and identify you.

Data dip node

Data dip is implemented as a node in an IVR that can send and receive data from another system via a REST API call and supports Basic Access Authentication. Data returned from the API call can be stored short-term and used for branching or text-to-speech input.

There are many use cases for Data dips. Contact Gladly Support for more information on how to configure data dips for your IVR.

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