Data Dip Requirements
  • 28 Apr 2021
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Data Dip Requirements

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Gladly has a specific set of requirements in order for your IVR to conduct data dips effectively:

  • Gladly must be able to dip into your system of record via a RESTful, public API call. If you wish to allow, Gladly makes requests using the set of IP addresses located here.
  • Your API must accept and respond using JSON payload.
  • Your API must respond within < 2 seconds. This enables speedy responses to the customer in-IVR
  • Your API must use Basic Auth for authorization, with no other extra headers required.
  • Your API must be documented with specific error and success cases, and behave consistently. This enables Gladly professional services and support to help debug your integration better.
  • Your API must be capable of handling the projected incoming volume of requesters per second. A good way to estimate this is to gauge the peak amount of callers choosing a certain option in your IVR that you will enhance with a data dip. For example, if at peak 500 customers choose to inquire about an order over the course of 1 hour, then that may be a good gauge of volume.
  • As much as possible, your API should respond with values expected to be read out / sent to the customer. For example, instead of sending 10000 for order total, send $100.00. This enables you to easily grab values in your message / variable nodes to read out or text to customers.

See Set Up Data Dips once you're ready to configure your data dips.

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