Test Proactive Chat
  • 22 Apr 2022
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Test Proactive Chat

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Test a Proactive Chat Campaign to confirm a Campaign appears as desired.

Suppose you want to launch a Campaign on the URL (e.g., 'retalé.com/new-products,'), add '?=[your test name]' at the end of the URL in your Campaign (i.e., 'retalé.com/new-products?=TESTNOV2020'). The text after the ?= can be anything, but it should be unique so your regular Customers don't inadvertently see the Campaign.

Once you've saved your Campaign, you can test it by navigating to 'retalé.com/new-products?=TESTNOV2020' on your browser. Once you have confirmed everything is working correctly, remove '?=TESTNOV2020' from the URL Trigger. Continue to tweak your Campaign until it looks just right; remove the addition you made to the end of your URL Trigger in your Campaign, click Save, and your Campaign should work just as you mean it to.

Test Campaign visibility

If your Proactive Chat visibility setting is set to Limited, (Customers won't see Campaigns for 24 hours commencing from the last time they interacted with a Campaign via Sidekick), you can get around this condition for testing purposes. Using Chrome, you must "clear site data" and a regular browser refresh (command or ctrl + R). 

  1. Click the View tab on Chrome.
  2. Go to Developer, then Developer Tools.
  3. From the Developer Tools, click the Application tab.
  4. On the left pane, scroll to find and click Storage.
  5. Click Clear site data.
  6. Hit the command or ctrl key + R.

The steps above reset Campaigns for 24 hours for testing purposes and you'll be able to see the Campaign again.

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