Swell Overview
  • 31 May 2022
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Swell Overview

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Swell is a customizable headless eCommerce platform that supports unique business models and Customer experiences. Swell’s goal is to make eCommerce accessible for everyone with a platform suitable for both B2C and B2B models.


Synchronize your Swell store data with Gladly

Automatically pull Swell Customer and order data to keep Gladly up to date with the latest Customer information.

Provide heroes with a real-time, accurate overview of the Customer they’re working with

Allow heroes to support Swell store Customers without having to leave Gladly. Clicking the order link in Gladly to open the order in Swell.

Allow heroes to better understand the Customer’s journey

Quick access to Customer and order information gives heroes an up-to-date overview of how the Customer’s past interactions with their Swell store.

Creating routing rules based on Swell customer data

Route Swell Customers based on credit balance, total spent, or average spent on order to Inboxes with custom SLAs

Supported Features

Works with Gladly:

  • Customer Profile

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