Set Up Attentive Integration
  • 03 Aug 2022
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Set Up Attentive Integration

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API User

Before you start

Review the following information before you connect Attentive to Gladly.

  • The Attentive integration with Gladly is configured through the Attentive's client UI.
  • Gather the following information:
    • API Token – Token is generated in Gladly.
    • Gladly URL – Your Gladly domain (i.e., {YOUR-COMPANY}}.
    • Email address – The email address used for the integration. This is the Gladly user account used to host the API tokens.

Connect Attentive to Gladly

Because this integration is managed by Attentive, please work with your Attentive CSM or their White Glove team to configure Attentive with Gladly. You'll need to provide the API tokens generated in Gladly, along with the email address used to set up the Gladly account.

Additional information on how to set up Gladly in Attentive can be found on Attentive's developer site.

Respond to SMS-es from Attentive via Gladly

SMS-es from Attentive will appear as a Task on Gladly, that will then get routed to an Agent. To reply to them, you will need to do the following: 

  1. First, hover over the customer's mobile phone number on the left-hand side customer profile and select the SMS flag. This enables SMS communication with the customer - you will only have to do this once
  2. Next, click on +New Conversation on the bottom of the screen if a conversation has never been initiated with this customer
  3. Next, click on +SMS and select the SMS number you'd like to respond out of on the upper right-hand side of the composition window
  4. Type in your SMS and send it to the customer!
  5. Close the Attentive Task

Note that the number that you are responding from will be different than the number that the Customer texted into. 

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