Qualtrics Overview
  • 08 Apr 2022
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Qualtrics Overview

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Qualtrics is a web-based experience management software that allows you to create surveys to answer marketing, customer, branding, and product questions.

The Qualtrics integration with Gladly allows surveys to be triggered inside of Qualtrics when a Conversation is closed in Gladly. It can also be configured to send the survey responses back to Gladly.


Automatically trigger a survey when a Conversation is closed

Whenever a Conversation is closed in Gladly, this triggers Qualtrics to send a survey request to the Customer so you can capture sentiments and real-time.

Attribute Conversation responses to Agents and Inbox

Survey responses are attributed to the Agent that closed the Conversation and the Inbox the Conversation is closed in.

Survey responses in Gladly

Survey responses are found in the Conversation Timeline so you can quickly view and understand Customer experiences better.

Supported Features

Qualtrics supports the following features with Gladly:

  • Channels - email, voice, and all messaging Channels

Works with Gladly:

  • Conversation Timeline

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