Qualtrics Integration Toolkit
  • 08 Apr 2022
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Qualtrics Integration Toolkit

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Learn the basics of how the Qualtrics integration works.

Who maintains the integration

The Qualtrics integration is built and maintained by Gladly.

Basic Scope

Gladly sends a CONVERSATION/CLOSED event to Qualtrics via Qualtrics JSON events every time a Conversation is closed. Qualtrics then sends survey data (response) back to Gladly to display the survey response in the Conversation Timeline.

How the integration works

When sending data from Gladly to Qualtrics, the integration utilizes internal webhooks and the Gladly Connector Service. On the Qualtrics side, it uses Qualtrics JSON events.

For data from Qualtrics to Gladly, the integration utilizes the certified Gladly extension (built using the Qualtrics SDK and Actions task) and a single Gladly API; Create Item API.

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