Prepare To Use Proactive Email
  • 04 Oct 2022
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Prepare To Use Proactive Email

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This page contains information on how to prepare for your first Proactive Email Campaign.

Watch Out - Proactive Conversation features do not replace marketing tools
Proactive Conversation tools like Proactive Email and Proactive SMS allow you to quickly communicate pertinent information to Customers. Still, it’s not meant to replace mass, marketing-type outbound communication to Customers which is a more appropriate use case for tools like MailChimp (email) and Attentive (SMS).

Standard workflow for creating a Proactive Email Campaign

  1. Confirm the email address you’ll use for the Email Campaign.
  2. Create the Email Answer to use for the Email Campaign.
  1. Create and set up the Email Campaign details. 2. Upload your Email Campaign recipients and schedule the outreach.
  1. Check the “Progress” tab to see active outreach activity. 2. Completed outreach appears in the “Completed” tab.

Use an existing email address to send a Proactive Email Campaign

You’ll need an email address to use as the “From” address for your Proactive Email Campaign. You can choose to use an existing email address when setting up the Email Campaign and replies to your Email Campaign appears on the Inboxed linked to the email address.

Add a new email address dedicated for use with Email Campaigns

While not required, you can add a new email address to use for Proactive Email Campaigns. Having a dedicated email address for Proactive Email Campaign allows the flexibility to route Email Campaign responses — regardless of the reason for the Campaign — to an Inbox made specifically for Proactive Email Campaign replies. You’ll need to create a new Inbox and assign Agents trained to handle these replies.

With a new email address, you can also create an email address that’s fitting for Email Campaign messages. For example,

Create an Email Answer to host the message for the Email Campaign

Email Answer is used to contain the message you’d like to email to your recipients. You must have your Email Answer created prior to setting up the Proactive Email Campaign and you’ll be able to select this Answer while configuring your Email Campaign.

Address the recipient by their first name

Add the recipient by their name when they receive the message. Personalized greeting by name is possible if the CSV contains the recipients’ name.

Hello John,
This is a reminder that as a Retale Platinum Member, you can now enjoy more benefits valued at up to $2000.

The CSV used to upload Proactive Email Campaign recipients includes a name column (column C). While not required, including names here (First and Last) allows you to personalize the greeting using the Customer’s First Name Answer variable.

When creating the Email Answer for your Email Campaign, insert the Customer’s First Name variable by typing “/” after the greeting in the Email Answer.

  • Name is left blank on CSV – If the recipient name in the CSV is empty and they don’t have an existing Gladly Customer Profile, a new Customer Profile is created with the email address and no name.
  • Name is entered – If the recipient name in the CSV is entered, but they don’t have a Gladly Customer Profile, a new Customer Profile is created with their name and email address.

Email contacts for your Email Campaign

Gather contacts for your Email Campaign from places like your OMS system or CRM. Who you contact and where you get their contact information may depend on the reason for your Email Campaign.

See Proactive Email Best Practices for other tips and callouts to be aware of.

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