Metric Attribution
  • 27 May 2021
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Metric Attribution

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Before You Begin

To fully grasp and understand the data in your reports, you must have a good understanding of Key Concepts and Metrics in Detail. Metric Attribution is another dimension of Gladly reports.

About Metric Attribution

Metric Attribution allows you to understand how data calculation is attributed, especially when applying filters to your reports. When the object you are measuring, such as a Conversation or a Task, has multi-dimensional characteristics, Attribution is a way to reduce those characteristics into one dimension (for ease of measurement, grouping, etc.). 

For example, if a Conversation spans multiple days and traverses multiple Inboxes, attributing that Conversation to one day and one Inbox can help you group it with other Conversations from that day and Inbox.

Attribution is inherently limiting and comes with tradeoffs because it aims to simplify something multi-dimensional.

Agent Attribution

Metrics are attributed to the Agent that performed the event — the Agent that sent the outbound contact, closed the Conversation, reopened the Conversation, missed the call, declined the chat, viewed the Conversation, etc.

In some reports, like those about Contacts and Tasks, Agent names are included as a point of reference but should not be seen as the only Agent who worked on that Contact or Task.

Team Attribution

Metrics are attributed to Teams based on the current Agent membership. Remember, Agents can be members of more than one team, and Agents can be added or removed from Teams.

Team Attribution is dependent on Agent Attribution.

Inbox Attribution

Metrics are generally attributed to Inboxes based on the Time Anchor of the report. For instance, if the report is anchored to the Contact Ended event, the Inbox Attribution usually correlates to the Inbox where the Contact was assigned when it ended.

Time Attribution

Read more about time attribution on the Time Anchors page.

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